Saturday, March 18, 2006

hello and goodbyes

Saying good-bye
Saying good-bye is not the easiest thing in the world but sometimes you just have to do it. It may be for a variety of reasons such as opportunity (such as a new job, better lifestyle, a new home, travel, etc) or circumstance (death, migration, exile, break-up, etc). But whatever the reason(s) might be, it is doubly hard when you don’t know when you will get to see / be with them again and extremely hard (and devastating) when you know that you will never see them again in this lifetime.

In the past two years, I have said my hardest goodbyes. I said good-bye to my grandma, to siblings and close friends who went abroad for greener pastures, to officemates and to a close personal friend.

Each of those good-byes was difficult at different levels. One of those last forever, others are only temporary, while others have no define timeframe (i.e. when I get to meet them again). Whatever it might me, I just have to learn to deal with it.

Making things easier

While the separation is hard for both parties (as in the case of love ones moving / migrating to another country), technology has made it easier for us to communicate.

My siblings and I touch base through phone calls (at least once a month), the frequent emails and sms. My college friends and I have YM and the weekly (and sometimes daily) email. There is also the occasional get-together when they are in town.

Emails, text / sms and phone calls (albeit expensive) are just some of the tools we use to find out how each one is doing (and letting them know how much they are loved and missed). Although these tools bridge the distance, by no means does it make up for human contact.

I do miss the the things my friends and I used to do.l.. The get togethers every wednesday and sundays. The late night talks, the spur of the moment out of towns, the laughter and what have yous. These days, i just have to contend myself to emails and texts. I just hope that the distance between us will never be a hindrance to what we have gone through.

I am looking forward to two asean travels this year. Hopefully, come June, I will have saved enough to visit my friends in China and HongKong. This will be my first travel abroad in 6 years! As such, I am really hoping for a grand vacation and birthday.

I am also planning to go to singapore by November and hopefully save just enough for a tour / travel to Canada and the US. I just hope that friends i have in these countries will welcome me with open arms as it will also be a chance to touch base with them.

So many plans, I just hope that I get the time to do them. Sana rin, payagan ako ng office to take a few days off.

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