Monday, November 30, 2009

Only in the Philippines

Only in the Philippines... where a massacre happens and the Government calls it an incident (between two warring clans). Hay naku, Malacanang is treating this with kids gloves. They did not even show signs of indignation. Tsk tsk.

Only in the Philippines... where a former president files COC for President and an incumbent President runs for Congress. Haven't they heard of delicadesa?

Only in the Philippines... where hard working individuals are taxed beyond belief and Politicians living beyond their salary range.

Only in the Philippines...where people smile inspite of hardships. Where christmas comes early. Where drinking starts way too early too. :-)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

You are tagged!

Laser Tagged that is.

Had fun tagging my officemates, my bosses and syempre si Usman. hahaha. First round, I was 6th out of 14. Determined to be on the top 4, i said yes to game number two and ended up being 2nd out of 12. Not bad.

2 games = 40 minutes of fun

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Let's start planning

I know its more than a year away, but let's start planning anyway. Time to put excel to good use. hahaha.

Here is the list of excel files I came up with:
  • Matrix of vendors, suppliers, venue and cost
  • Budget list ... must stick to the budget
  • Guest list
So far only the suppliers/vendors are being put to use. I still haven't tackled the budget nor the guest list...still having fun with formating the spreadsheets. bwahahaha

I should...

I should...

...start blogging again. writing is one way to work those grey matters.
...start exercising (as if!)
...start planning for next year


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