Saturday, September 16, 2006


I hate the PLDT service!

Last June, our PLDT phone line went dead. So naturally i called up the "customer service" hot-line of the company to complain and ask if there was any problem with the line. The one who answered the phone told me that there was no advice from the "technical people" about any trouble but would send out a team to our house to fix the problem. Expect DAW the team to arrive within the next 48 hours.

After a week, still no dial tone and still no technical support team to check on the problem. So i called them again. This time, their answer was the problem was caused by cable / copper wires being stolen in our area and that it would take a while for them to fix the problem.

Naturally, I told them that I will NOT PAY for the time of NO SERVICE (ie no dial tone). All they could tell me was: "Cge po ma'am, pag may dial tone na, itawag ninyo sa number na ito at bibigyan kayo ng rebate". ... That was what i wanted to hear, that i will NOT be billed for the period when there was no service. CLOSED BOOK... or Is it?

After more than 3 weeks of no dial tone, I finally got a dial tone, so i then called the PLDT hot-line to report that I now have a dial tone and that they should start processing the rebate. I got irritated when I got this answer "Sorry po ma'am di pa namin ma close yung ticket kc di pa tumatawag ang technical team to say na ok ang line ninyo"... WHAT??? I was using the line to tell them that it was already fixed, but they said its not? ano ba yan????

SO anyway, i called back in a couple of days to find out if the rebate has already been process... Still i got the same answer: "we cannot process the rebate until technical tells us its ok". After several attempts, i finally got the answer i wanted... REBATE under process.

Imagine my anger when i got a billing (last August) for the period that there was no dial tone. So AGAIN I called up the "customer service" line and got a confirmation that indeed there was a rebate and that i should wait for my next billing since it will be reflected there.

So what i did was just pay for the period (july) where there is a dial tone and NOT for the privious month's (june) billing thinking that the rebate will be given in september. Well, i was wrong. Not only was i billed again for the june period, but i was given a disconnection notice on top of the billing for august.

Hay naku ano ba yan! Padisconnect ko n lang kaya? All i really wanted with PLDT was that 10 php per call thing to any part of the Philippines. Parang gusto ko na igive up yung service na yun.

Bayantel has better service. I should know, also subscribe to it. It offers a quick turn around on issues (a 48 hour guaranteed service); an immediate rebate and lower international call. Besides, i dont think i need 2 lines. We only got the second line (PLDT) just in case calls cant get through the primary number (Bayantel) for reasons such as : telebabad, or when the bayantel line goes dead during typhoons. Since these reasons are no longer applicable due to celphones, texts, and better bayantel service, I might just give up the PLDT line.

The only thing stopping me from disconnecting it is that the line is under my sister's name. And only she could request for the discontinuation of service. Somehow, after several months, we still have the PLDT line as she is busy with work and other stuff.

Meanwhile, all i could do is rant and AGAIN call the service line to complain. BOO PLDT!

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