Tuesday, December 30, 2008


At the rate I am going, bachoy na ako by the time darating ako sa Manila. hahaha

Since dumating ako dito sa Sharjah, wala kaming ginawa kung di kumain ng kumain ng kumain. Hahaha. Diet na lang ako after January 10.


You know what's frustrating? Setting your mind to shoe shopping and having only one pair to show for it. hahaha

Frustrating is going into a shoe store, finding a pair you really, really love and then having the sales person telling you that they don't have it in your size. huhuhu. Nangyari n yun sa akin before. Nung nasa US ako, nahigh ako nung pumasok sa isang shoe warehouse store. only to realize that they only have a few pairs in my size, at ung mga d ko gusto pa. huhuhu. Hirap talaga if you love shoes and you have small feet like mine.

Oh well, siguro i just have to go back to the outlet store before i leave para makabili ako ng ibang pairs. After all, my goal for this trip to buy at three to four pairs of shoes. hahaha

Monday, December 29, 2008

What's on the agenda?

It's 330pm, i just had lunch and i am super sleepy (hahaha babi si ako), but i have to write a post. Syempre ayaw kong matalo sa challenge. It's only the second day after all.

I really meant to write down my 2009 list, but i still can't. I have been staring at the screen for an hour but the most i can come up with is just one lousy paragraph. hay, ano ba ito, hirap naman pilitin ang sarili mag sulat. I wonder how the columnist does it. I mean they have to come up with an article on a regular basis. Do they have several articles drafted? Where do they get thier inspiration from? What is there to talk about aside from politics, love and rants?

Is there someone out there interested in your point of view? Will he be affected by something you wrote? What if, without you knowing it, you changed a person's view on life or love or on politics?

It is often said that journalist should write with an objective eye. But can it really be done? Or is the writing style clouded by his view on life, his prejudices? Can two different journalist give a diffrent spin on one story? Which story is the correct version of the facts? Whose agenda will be on the table?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

an update?

Wow, i can't believe he actually took up the challenge. He did update his blog and it's now my turn to update mine.

Hmmm kaso lang madaya un, may mga draft blogs na sya, so it's easier for him to post new updates. I, on the other hand, have to resort to inspiration or depen on my mood. But I guess, it is a good way to force myself to write things down. I kinda miss it.

I was going to post my annual "hello, good bye" piece. But i will save that for later kc naunahan na nya ako dun. What to write? hmmm, ano ginawa ko lately? ano nabasa ko? na realize ko? Wala akong maisip. This is harder than I thought it. hahaha.

So ano gawa ko today? Well aside from updating this blog, chatting with a friend, and reading the news on line, I am also watching an indian film. O diba, some kinda multi-tasking. hahaha kasya siguro ang short ng attention span ko.

Grabe nga eh, kung noon i could read a whole novel in one sitting. Now, i just cant. (well, unless it's a children's book or a business book). There are several half read books on my bedside table which i meant to finish but actually cant. hahaha. Na bore n ako halfway through the book. Hahaha bad annie. Siguro dapat gawin kong resolution is to actually finish reading one book a month, that would eventually be one book a week. hahaha.

2009 is shaping out to be a year of sheer will power. A goal to update the blog. A goal to actually finish reading one book a month. Ano pa kaya ang magandang goal? To look at the present and future more than holding on to the past?

Saturday, December 27, 2008


If this is a contest, my friend would win hands down. He has started his blog a few days ago and is updating it frequently. Ako? well, i haven't updated my on line journal in a while. tsk tsk. Well, competition is a good motivation. hahaha.

I am now motivated to update this blog. For every blog that he updates, i need to update my blog too. How's that for competition.

This entry is proof enough. Although this is not an update on my life, it is in a way an update on my thoughts. :)

Ayan ha, may update na ako sa blog ko. More updates to come.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

work + vacation

work + vacation is like oil and water. Dapat di talaga pinag sasama!


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