Friday, January 04, 2008

Thanks 2007

2007 has been a great year for me. It was a year of changes and blessings. I hope that 2008 will be as great or even better than last year. Looking back, I would not do things differently (well maybe some i will but generally i will not change a thing). :)

This was my wish list last year and i guess i fulfilled at least half of it. I will be making another wish list / goal for the year and I hope that i would accomplish more than half of it.

Wish list 2007 (plus comments)
  • A planned visit to Canada and the US. (i really do have to take care of the visa requirements soon). - i was not able to go to Canada, but was in the US for training. Hopefully I could go back to the US this year.
  • The turnover of our (aka the 3 marias) unit in pioneer. - still waiting for the papers and loan to be released.
  • My sister's wedding - what can i say except that i will be an aunt!
  • A family vacation to Hong Kong - moved to 2008
  • A great family reunion - happy happy times. Had a great family picture.
  • A better life, career and love - the only thing missing is a love life. Sana meron na sa 2008
  • Knowing myself and my religion better - carry over to 2008. I want to do a better job this year.
  • Challenging myself more - carry over to 2008.
  • A diamond ring (?) -- kung walang mag bibigay, eh di bibili ako ng sarili kong ring! bwhahahaha. - wala akong diamond ring, pero may laptop, camera at bags. bwahahah
  • More shoes! - hirap lang humanap ng size ko. hahaha frustrating mag hanap ng size 5 sa US. Ang daming magaganda at murang shoes pero wala akong size. huhuhu.
What do i have to look forward to in 2008?
  • Spending the holidays in Canada and the US. :) Planning to spend xmas and new year with my friend in Canada and 2 weeks for fun, relaxation and sight seeing in the US.
  • Working/training in the US for at least 3 months to a year. :)
  • Moving in to the new condo unit.
  • Having a love life.
  • Visiting and being close to my special friend and spending time with my friend. Miss ko na sya.
  • Aiming for promotion and syempre salary increase.
  • Knowing myself and my religion better.
  • Loving myself more.
  • A diamond ring and an engagement or wedding for me! (hanap muna ng partner)
  • More shoes, bags and travel.

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