Tuesday, April 18, 2006


First lonely night
What will I do
I feel my heart breaking in two
I'm such a fool
When will I learn
I fell so deep
Then I got burned

If you gave just one reason why
My heart just might let go
Maybe one day I will fall in love again
But for now I'll just leave my heart in two

If I never fall in love again
If I never touch your skin again
If I never feel again this way
If I never see another day
Remember me
Remember this
'Cause one thing that will never change
Is the feeling in my heart
So broken by you

Love still remains
After you're gone
please explain where did I go wrong


Thanks to kat, this truly reflects how i feel.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

summer na!

It's the official start of summer. Time to go to the beach, time to relax, and time to diet. hehehe

Summer na! Sobrang init na. Time for ice cold cokes, iced teas and halo-halo.

Summer na! Time for barkada summer outings. Time for Baguio, Tagaytay, and the Beach. Time for food and road trips with the barkadas.

La, lang... wala lang akong maisip na post. :) enjoy the season

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