Wednesday, May 31, 2006


After a weekend in verde island, I am looking forward to a weekend of fun, shopping, bonding and Disneyland!

Not only am I looking forward to spending the weekend with Mickey and Donald, but i am even more excited to spend the weekend bonding with friends and enjoying my much deserved break. This will be my birthday gift to myself. Hey, even without a boyfriend, i could still enjoy right? (hmm. anyone there interested to apply? hehehe)

Kidding aside, the long weekend will be a chance for me to reflect (i hope) and look back at what i have done with (and in) my life for the past 31 years. (yes, i am not afraid to reveal my age). I am thankful to have such loving and supportive family and friends, a satisfying job (such an answered prayer this year) and a seemingly healthy life (pano kc tumataba na, hehehe... sarap kumain eh). What else can I ask for? Well, a loving relationship would be nice. hehehe

I am just counting the days till Hong Kong (9 days) and my birthday (17 days). You could just send all your gifts to *******. hehehe.

my summer holiday

My summer holiday in Verde Island...

Just arrived in Verde Island with officemates... Too tired after a long journey, but couldnt help smiling (and posing) hehehe

Mga feeling models..

Rest muna dito, pagod sa byahe.

the water's too inviting. Don't you just want to take a dip?

getting ready for the climb of our lives

After a long, long climb (250 steps going up) we took a much needed rest... but couldnt pass the opportunity to ham it up to the cameras. hehehe

Parang di napagod sa climb ano?

The "models" taking another shot. (hmmm that's me with the blue hat).

A much needed rest. Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the _____???

more pics soon

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

my new housemates

meet my new housemates... they will be dropping in on saturday.

How cute can these kittens be???

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

making room for the new housemates

My sister is so excited to bring home her new babies (ie kittens) that she worked like a madman to clean the living room and make it a better place for the kittens.

I have never seen her as excited about something, grabe, she even bought some toys and pillows for the kittens, even buying a "tree" for them. (see image below)

So for the first time in weeks, my living space is a great place for entertainment. hehehe. Buti n lang darating ang bago kong housemates

if there is anyone out there who is a cat lover, we welcome any tips to make their lives (as well as ours) easier.

The good thing is, we won't be coming home to an empty house anymore. Can't wait till the weekend to see my "pamangkins". hehehehe

Sunday, May 14, 2006

I'm back!

After weeks of being busy with work, am i back and in charge of my life! The weeks of preparation for the audit has left us all tired but fulfilled as it seems we are going to pass the audit (which was conducted last week).

In the weeks preparing for the audit, meant sleeples nights (aka OT) and early days at the office... it was a good thing that we (my office mates and I) went to verde island in batangas for much needed R&R.

Needless to say, the trip to batangas was still part of the job but it was really a welcome break from the daily grin that is office work. I will be posting the pictures as soon as i can.

Meanwhile, i am looking forward to the company outing, my vacation in hong kong and my approaching birthday. I am also looking forward to movie nights (the da vinci code, over the hedge, x-men III, etc).

I am also looking forward to meeting new friends, conversations over coffee and lots of good places to have dinner.

Till then, Be Happy all!!

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