Tuesday, April 23, 2013

working mom

i know that being a working mom is no big deal. After 10 months of being just a heartbeat away from N and A, i am now assigned to my QC office. It's only been a day, and i wish that i could stay in bench for a little more time.

I wanted to be chargeable and I know there are trade offs. Sayang at late na ing dream project ko, na assign na ako sa QC. Inshallah, i will get that opportunity in three months. I keep praying that He gives me one that would be best for me and my kids. Maybe there is a reason why i need to be far from my kids. If only i have the means to be a stay at home mom, i will. I miss my kids terribly.

Eto pala ang sinasabi nilang, nag iiba na focus once you have kids. When i was single, ok lang sa akin kahit san i-assign. Now, gusto ko maaga pumasok para maaga makauwi.

Today was my first day at my new assignment and all i could think about were my kids. I miss my lunch sessions with N and the 12 and 4pm nursing sessions with A. I miss giving N his bath, and having nap time with A. I miss giving them never ending kisses.

Being a working mom is hard. You leave your kids with someone and hope that that person will love and take care of the kids as much as you would. You leave things to fate and pray that everything will be ok.

N and A, this is all for you. I love you so much.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

37 degrees

That's how hot it was today. :( I think you can even cook an egg on the pavement. Hay.

The only way to escape the heat was to stay in the office the whole day (and even that wasn't enough). Buti na lang di sumakit ang ulo ko today. I guess, having enough fluid intake and eating on time worked.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rediscovering make up and myself

Confession: the last time i used make-up was in 2010 during my wedding. :) Or siguro a month after my wedding, basta ang alam ko, 2010 ang last time gumamit ako ng make up.

Fast forward to 2013. My hubby and I were invited to a wedding of a former colleague. Syempre dapat medyo formal at pretty, so dapat mag make up. Dun ko lang na realize na wala pala akong matinong make up. Haha. The only thing i have were face power and lip gloss. So no choice ako but to buy some mascara and blush.

After that incident, sabi ko sa hubby ko, i will slowly build up my make up collection. Kaya ayun, i started to subscribe to BDJ and glamour box. I also started to buy make up.

Na realize ko na being a mom should not stop me from being kikay. Hello, i medyo stressed na nga ako dahil sa work, so dapat may stress outlet ako. Di na nga ako nakakapag shoe shopping, so dito na lang sa make up muna.

Now 2 kids later, i am rediscovering how fun it was to put on make up.

Fun because, it gives me at least 5-10 minutes of me time. Being a mom to a toddler and an 8 month old baby can be tiring. But who said that being a mom stops you from becoming yourself.

Na realize ko na being a mom should not equate to being "losyang". Hello, ang tanda ko na nga, so dapat i take care of myself more di ba? Dapat pretty pa rin for the hubby.

Monday, April 15, 2013

April BDJ box - first impressions

I was really looking forward to receiving the BDJ box for April. After 2 themed boxes for February and March, there was really a high expectation for this month's box.

Although April's box was not a themed box, it was still full of products (5 out of 9 products are full sized) that one can use to look "fresh" this summer. It contains mostly skincare products although i wish that they included a lip gloss or liptint (might be asking for much here).

I would definetly be using / trying out most of the products (face mist, lotion, moisturizer) but will be giving the nail polish and nail polish remover to my sister-in-law. The goody hair pins / products will be a gift to my sister.

Full review soon, as i am having a hard time posting via the mac app (cannot post via blogger in my mac - boooo).

Overall, the BDJ box is worth the investment (if you want to call it as such). It introduces you to products and brands that you really don't think you would like. It also is like getting a present every month. A little treat for all the hard work and stress. :)

Trying to be positive

Life happened when i was busy making plans. I had my career planned out na. Everything was according to plan… until i found myself out of a project.

I guess, things happen for a reason. Di ko pa nga alam kung ano ang reason so far. Being out of a project for so long (was only chargeable for a couple of months), medyo nakakasakit ng ego. Hello, ganun ba ako kahirap hanapan ng project? Merit based ang increase and promotion, so what will i show for this performance year? hayz…

The only silver lining that i have is that i get to spend more time with the kids plus I am nursing A for 8 months na! yahoo for me.

As my new outlet for stress (worrying about NOT having a project), i am now rediscovering make up. The last time i have put on make up was in 2010 pa ata, when i was pregnant with N. After 2 pregancies, i believe it is now time to have a little reward.

I am now in the process of restocking my make ups/ beauty loot and would really want a crash course on the how-tos of make up application. Buti na lang i have subscribed to 2 beauty sample boxes (bdj and glamour) as it has helped a lot in finding and trying out products (skin care and make up).

Next step would be to update my wardrobe. After 2 consecutive pregnancies, nothing fits anymore. I don't want to continue wearing maternity clothes, so i really want to shop for new tops (preferably cute nursing ones).

I guess, what i am really trying to do, is look the part of a Manager. Who knows, maybe i will be one sooner than i expected.


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