Monday, January 31, 2005

a debate

I got this idea off a local TV program (mel and joey) as i was channel surfing last night... What is wrong with the country today? What should be done? Should reform be on the part of the politician / public servant or the citizenry?

There have been different views on why we are not moving as fast as our Asian neighbors. They range from our cultural heritage and attitude to our politician to how we handle stress and problems.

I have posted a view that as a people, we live in a world of delusions, illusions and cynicism. (you can view my post here). Here is another view on the subject by Boo Chanco of the Philippine Star.

My view on this? Improvement is a two way street. Politicans / public servants should impose the law equally and we should follow them. The problem as I see it, gusto natin palaging makaisa.

good news

With all the negative news we have lately (VAT, never ending increase in electric bill, gas, prices), the strengthening of the peso is like a breath of fresh air.

It posted a high of 55.01 to a dollar at last weeks closing, the highest by far for the past year. BSP Governor Rafael Buenaventura has his own opinion on the pesos rally which you could read here.

Though this might not be good news for OFWs who earn in dolloar, it sure is good news to businessmen and investors. This could very well refect an improvement in our economy.

hmmm, i wonder, is the peso gaining strength due to the cute administration's tax measure (Vat increase, sin taxes, etc) or the remittance from OFWs or the effect of the crisis in asia or the weakening of the US dollar. What ever it is, I hope that the peso continues to strengthen.


This is such a great depiction of how friends help each other:

when friends fall

Sunday, January 30, 2005

running shoes

Is this a better picture of running shoes?

o kaya mo pa ba?

Friday, January 28, 2005


It's Friday! There are a lot to be thankful for aside from the fact that it's the end of the work week. Here are some of the things i am thankful for:

1. spending some time with tc, family and friends. (this includes having dinner with my dad and siblings, cooking for them and watching movies with dad. I wish he is in manila more often.)
2. seeing one of my closest friends after more than 14 months. (hey kat, have a great vacation. Kailan ang gimmik natin? start na ba bukas? Lam mo naman where to reach me.)
3. receiving our clothing allowance (time to shop, hehehe) ... looking forward to the valentine's cash gift.
4. buying a new pair of shoes. (happiness is finding a perfect pair at a low cost!)
5. knowing that i love and that i am loved. (lots of hugs and kisses too.)

the problem with...

There are numerous theories on why our country has lagged behind other Asian countries, William Esposo (, Jan 24, 2005) presents his own analysis on what is wrong with the Philippines, its leaders and the people.

He presents a theory that we as a people are in a state of delusion. Here are some exerpts:

One delusion confronted the other on January 15, the day of Estrada’s return. About 10,000 PNP personnel were deployed, far outnumbering the number of people who met Estrada. Macapagal-Arroyo’s delusion that she is well assured of "security of tenure” contrasting with the overkill PNP deployment and Estrada’s delusion of “hordes of masa followers at his beck and call” contrasting with sparse airport welcomers – provided a double-feature zarzuela for the day.

It would all have been simply comic if these delusions were merely confined to these two political figures. But alas, the state of delusion affects Philippine society across all socio-economic classes and sectors in varying degrees. Just consider the following:

1. Outside of President Macapagal-Arroyo and former President Estrada, notice how many Philippine public officials like to display the title of “Honorable” before their names. Knowing too well our rating as the 2nd most corrupt country among 102 countries surveyed by the ADB in 2003, the use of “Honorable” is not only a delusion, it also lends brazen irony to our international reputation.

To read more on his views, click here.

The article is a good read... it is so full of irony that you would look for other events / delusions that rings true today. No wonder we can't move forward. We are trapped in our world... a world of denial, delusions and cynicism.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

what about efficiency?

Although it might be necessary to increase the vat (from 10% to 12%), to address the increasing financial deficit of the government... the cute administration should also look into how the original vat is being collected.

I have read somewhere that only 50% of the vat is being collected by the government. If collection is more efficient, we could have increase the rate of collection thus increasing the amount collected. I see the tax issue as necessary evil, how ever, an increase in taxes is not the only solution. Efficiency and effectiveness of collection as well as honesty on the part of the government, BIR personnel and tax payer are also key.

As a tax payer, we would want to know that our taxes are going into the rigth project and NOT TO CORRUPT OFFICIALS. I mean if we know and see that government services are improving, why would I not pay my taxes. But as it is, a growing number of Filipinos are tempted to cheat on payment or not pay their taxes at all.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

anne geddes' lovely pictures

i have always loved anne geddes' pictures of babies... I like the way she captures the beauty and innocence of babies as well as translate the happiness that only they can give.

here are some of her shots(captions c/o the alchemist):

a lovely sight

lovely as a flower


more miracles

a vision of innocence

two peas??

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

the sun up close

about love

Love, like a river, will cut a new path
whenever it meets an obstacle.

- Crystal Middlemas -

Monday, January 24, 2005

jail and all that jazz

I have been wanting to comment on this issue since last week... Anyway, today is just as good as any other day.

When Former President Joseph "ERAP" Estrada arrived from Hong Kong last week, his son Sen. Jinggoy Estrada, requested PNP police chief Director General Edgar Aglipay for a couple of things: (1) that the former president gives a presscon at the airport and (2) that the good senator (along with family and friends) be allowed to visit Erap at the Tanay resthouse which serves as a detention cell.

These request were turned down by the PNP chief due to security reasons and other factors (the request was made tru mobile phone and not in writing, etc..). According to the good senator, the PNP chief (who I feel was following orders and the law) should be "sacked" because Aglipay humiliated him. How's that?

The good senator, acting like a spoiled brat and a person so full of himself, wants Alglipay to resign from his position just because Aglipay didn't give in to the senator's request? Only in the Philippines!

To make matters worse, the opposition senators then conveyed to discuss this matter as if it was of national importance. Hello! what is so important about delaying a visit to the ex-president? what is so important that meet to discuss Jinggoy's temper tantrum? Do they have to force Aglipay to resign for doing his job?

Instead of discussing pertinent issues that would affect national security and economy as well as formulate laws, these good senators seem to have nothing better to do than pick petty fights.

This is what we get for voting Jinggoy into the senate. Such a waste of public funds!


such a slow start to the week...

Sunday, January 23, 2005

more on love

I got this from a friend and thought that its worth posting:


when you think of your past love,
you may view it as a failure.
but when you find a new love,
you view the past as a teacher.

in the game of love,
it doesn't really matter who won or who lost.
what is important is you know when to hold on
and when to let go!

you know you really love someone
when you want him or her to be happy,
even if their happiness means
that you're not part of it.

everything happens fot the best.
if the person you love doesn't love you back,
don't be afraid to love someone else again,
for you'll never know unless you give it a try.

you will never love a person you love unless you risk for love.
love strives in hurting.
if you don't get hurt, you don't learn how to love.
LOVE doesn't hurt all the time.
though the hurting is still there to test you,
to help you grow.

don't find love, let love find you.
that's why it's called falling in love
because you don't force yourself to fall.
you just fall.
you cannot finish a book without closing its chapters.

it you want to go on,
then you have to leave the past as you turn the pages.
love is not destroyed by a single failure or won by a single caress.
it is a lifetime venture in which we are always learning,
discovering and growing.

the greatest irony of love is letting go when you need to hold on
and holding on when you need to let go.
we lose someone we love only when we are destined to find someone else
who can love us even more than we can love ourselves.

on falling out of love,
take some time to heal and then get back on the horse.
but don't ever make the same mistake
of riding the same one that threw you the first time.

to love is to risk rejection,
to live is to risk dying,
to hope is to risk failure.
but risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing!
to reach for another is to risk involvement,
to expose your feelings is to expose true self;
to love is to risk not to be loved in return.

how to define love:
fall but do not stumble,
be constant but not too persistent,
share and never be unfair,
understand and try not to demand,
hurt but never keep the pain.

love is like a knife.
it can stab the heart
or it can carve wonderful images into the soul that always last for a lifetime.

love is supposed to be the most wonderful feeling.
it should inspire you and give you joy and strength.
but sometimes the things that give you joy
can also hurt you in the end.

loving people means giving them the freedom who they choose to be
and where they choose to be.
for all the heartaches and the tears,
for gloomy days and fruitful years,
you should give thanks,
for you know,
that there were the things that helped you grow.

loving someone means giving him the freedom to find his way,
whether it leads towards you or away from you.
love is a painful risk to take
but the risk must be taken no matter how scary or painful,
for only then you'll experience the fullness of humanity
and that is love.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

my life in pictures

i am slowly learning how to operate this site. Might as well share my life in pictures.

night out

siblings, relatives, et al

friends and family

Friday, January 21, 2005


EDSA...Epifanio de los Santos Avenue. This stretch of asphat linking several cities in Metro Manila has stories to tell...

It is named after is a known historian, scholar, art critic, linguist, poet, essayist, biographer, bibliophile, composer, and musician. Epifanio delos Santos was born on April 7, 1871, Don Panyong became the provincial governor of Nueva Ecija, fiscal, biographer, historian, scholar, Filipinist, was born in the barrio of Longos, Malabon. (To know more about him and EDSA pls refer to this , and this)

For most of the Filipinos, it is a symbol of freedom gained and the power of a united Filipino. This is the venue of two historic events that changed the landscape as well as the political climate of the country.

The 1986 EDSA Revolution was a turning point in the history of the Phillipines. For three days, men, women and children from different walks of life, joined forces to protest the reslut of the 1986 snap elections and the dictatorial regime of President Ferdinand Marcos. On February 25, 1986, the "bloodless" revolution successfully revived Philippine democracy by overthrowing President Marcos and installing Corazon Aquino as the 11th President of the Republic.

Fast forward to January 2001. Another people's revolution was staged. This time against former President Estrada after pro-administration senators blocked the opening of a crucial envelope in the impeachment trial against President Estrada. Mr Estrada allegedly received bribes from gambling syndicates, skimmed off government funds and protected friends from government regulators. The second ‘EDSA’ revolution led to the resignation of Mr Estrada, who is now in prison on charges of economic plunder – a crime which allows no bail and is punishable by death.

Unlike the first EDSA, this which was mobilized through radio veritas and word of mouth, the recent EDSA "event" was immediately known/mobilized through text (aka SMS).

Yesterday was the fourth anniversary of EDSA dos(2). It was marked by less or no fanfare at all. It seemed that only a few remembered this event. After four years of the cute administration, it seems that nothing has changed. The names (and faces) of officials may have changed, but we are still governed by crooks and abusers. The Philippines is still trailing behind its Asian neighbors, even being overtaken by Vietnam. Mass exodus of nurses, doctors, engineers and other skilled workers are higher than ever. It seems that we are no where better off than we were before EDSA dos.

Was EDSA dos the biggest mistake we made in recent history? Are we quick to forget or do we never learn from our past?

my friends and I

thought to share some old pics with friends.

here are some pictures taken before my friend left for canada more than a year ago...

at cel's despedida party

having fun at the pool

these next pictures are with friends from the UP MBA program:

tagaytay with the bears

still another pic with the bears


1. spending time with tc
2. bonding with siblings
3. savoring a new dish
4. knowing that i could still trust someone
5. finding out that there is still hope in this world...that no matter what, family and good friends will always be there for you

Thursday, January 20, 2005

story in pictures

Pictures can convey numerous stories and emotions. Here are some pictures that are worth sharing. What does each one mean to you?

generation Posted by Hello

in deep thought Posted by Hello

solitude Posted by Hello

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

media questions

Do you think ours is a baised or an objective media? Is there truly an unbiased / objective way of reporting?

I do hope that broadcast media (particularly tv news programs) dont editorialize the news. I hate it when news anchors express their opinions on issues instead of just reporting the facts. Hello, it is a news program not an opinion show.

Can't help thinking this when ever i read or see TV news. Take the recent case of the cop who went amok in Aklan, killing 7 people including his superiors. Different angles are being floated on why the cop started shooting, from a death treat to problems at work. At least 4 different angles are being looked upon.

Here is my two-cent's worth... If the cop was a muslim... would the PNP be looking at the angle of terrorist or other similar acts and nothing else? Why does Philippine media always emphasize a person's religion if it is reporting on a a story about Muslims (as if all muslims are bad).

yet another love question

Here is another classic love question: "will you stay (or pick) the one you love or the one who loves you?"

Who shall you pick?

another gma spin

Have you read today's Inquirer? It's headline (Fewer Filipinos are hungry, survey shows SWS says drop due to poor's belt tightening) seems to suggest that the cute administration is doing its job of proving jobs and services (to the Filipinos) as well as an improved economy. However, as you read on you realize that it is not so. You realize that it is just another spin on the issue.

So why are fewer Filipinos less hungry? They have lowered their spending on food, that's what happened! The families interviewed have lowered their "standards" or views on what they feel should be the monthly budget for food and other other expenses (in order not to be poor.) The all-family-median home expense level needed by a family so as not to be considered poor dropped from P10,000 in the previous years to only P5,000 per month. How ever, it should be noted that a Php 5,000.00 budget today will not buy the same (number of) items today.

According to the article, Self-rated poverty threshold, or the monthly budget that households say they need in order not to be poor, has decreased from previous years. The SWS said that since the cost of living is actually rising, a declining poverty threshold means that households are lowering their living standards -- in other words, belt-tightening.

And how again is this news good news?

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

banks and other financial investments

According to an article i just read (Keep less money in bank, business world, Jan 17), while it is ok to save for a rainy day, keeping too much cash in the bank is not such a wise investment.

In the article, Jeffery Chiew Kim Chwee, Asian Chairman of the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC) said that it is not wise for people to keep all their cah in the bank as it will only erroded by inflation, or the increase in the general price level of goods and services.

Hmmm, the article has a point. Money kept in banks earn a measly 3% annually as compared to other financial investment. Let us say you saved 10,000 five years ago and that amount can buy the lasted nokia celphone. Even if your savings reached 15,000 today, it is not enough to pay for the lastest nokia / erission celphone in the market. But if you were able to invest the 10,000 in a business, it could have earned even more.

It is not bad to save... in fact it is wise practice to have at 3 to 6 months worth of income saved up for emergency use. Having this "buffer" account give one a sense of security and enhances one's image / character to creditors or other business transaction.

But keeping all your eggs in one basket is a risky deal too. It is wise to spread the amount / investment into banks, real estate, jewelries or secruities. I tend to have 3 bank accounts (one for bill payments - checking account, one for savings and emergency fund and another for treats/ monthly expenses and allowance). This way, i could balance my meager government income. :) I am also trying to invest in real estate and hopefully fullfill my dream of being a home owner someday.

coming up blank

Been trying to put some thoughts on to paper (or this blog so to speak) but all i am coming up with is a blank wall. I am in a rut.

another love question...

"Do you find love or does love find you? "

This classic question has been asked for ages, and we still are trying to find the answer. When i was much younger, my friends and i thougth that we should be the one to find love. We even look for love at some unlikely places. But as we get older, we realize that it is the other way around. Love happens when we least expect it to.

What is your love story?

Friday, January 14, 2005

Hajj - Muslim Pilgrimage

"Each year in the 12th month of the Islamic calendar, Muslims around the world begin observing activities associated with the annual Hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca. Hajj is one of the 'five pillars' of the Islamic faith. (The other 'pillars' include a declaration of faith, daily prayers, offering regular charity, and fasting during the month of Ramadan.) Hajj activities take place during six days (8th-13th) of the Islamic lunar month of Dhul-Hijjah. Pilgrimage is a once-in-a-lifetime obligation for those Muslims who have the physical and financial ability to undertake the journey. It is also a form of worship that involves the entire being: body, mind and soul."


Is love really lovelier the second time around?

the magic continues

The magic continues, and i don't mean TV talent search nor magic shows... what i mean is that the Arroyo administration is again weaving tall tales and redefining things - they are truly taking us for a spin.

According to the governement, "Filipinos are not really that poor - look at the increase in sales of beers and cellcards." Hello! Sales of beers and cellcards are not indicative that Filipinos are better off with this administration. The purchasing power of the peso is the real determinant here. Php 100 does not give you the same items that it gave you a few years ago. Lahat tumataas - from fares, food, light, water, etc.. but the salaries of government (& private) employees remain the same.

Government can't afford to increase the salaries due to the worsening defecit in budget. However, Congressmen and Senator's pork barrel are increasing as well as the President's. Isn't it ironic that the leaders are asking employees to tighten its belt while they themselves are living it up?

Now the Arroyo government is changing how the unemployeed is defined (inquier, Jan. 14, 2005, page 1). By doing this, PGMA has reduced the number if jobless Filipinos by 1.2 million.

What else would the cute government think of next?

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

something to think about

I got this from a friend ... something to think about

I don't like people who have never fallen or stumbled. Life hasn't revealed its beauty to them. -- Boris Pasternak

Monday, January 10, 2005

scooters for sale

Anyone interested to buy scooters?

Laws in the Philippines

Laws in the Philippines are a dime a dozen, but implementing it seems to be last on the priority.

I read this in the Sunday Inquirer (January 9 2005) recently from Flor Lacanilao's High blood article(page A13). In this piece, she quoted the dean of the UP college of Law on traffic violations in the Philippines, "Laws are mere suggestions, compliance optional, punishment negotiable." Sad but almost always true.

Take the case of former congressman Romeo Jalosjos. This convicted child molestor is in the limelight again due to a proposal being floated by Malacanang and some members of the House. According to reports, Jalosjos might just get conditional pardon. Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez has admitted that pardon at this time may be too iffy for Jalosjos, who has not served the minimum sentence for two life terms he received for raping an 11-year-old. But the President has the last word, Gonzalez said; it is a political decision. The conditional pardon, they say is for humanitarian grounds as the former congressman is suffering from heart problems and require surgery.

This report shows the great divide between the haves and the have-nots in the Philippine society. Those who are rich and powerful can use their money and influence to bend the law to their advantage. Those who are poor, just rot in jail.

much ado about nothing 2

I must admit that i am guilty being paranoid especially when it comes to things and persons quite close to my heart. When things dont turn out exactly as i planned or expected, i usually think of the worst possible scenario that i sometimes affects how i treat that person. I often say things at the heat of the moment... things and words that i soon would regret. I do promise to be more trustful and open minded... I promise not to let my imagination get the better of me.

much ado about nothing

As usual, we tend to be so paranoid that we alienate people around us... even the government is so paranoid these days.

The government is saying that ex-president Erap (who is in Hong Kong for a knee surgery) is plotting a distablization plot with his ex-cabinet members. These former cabinet members visited the ex-president in Hong Kong recently.

The government is also saying that Islamic Converts were plotting to sow violence during the recent feast of the black nazarene in Quiapo yesterday. They have arrested 16 people and are seeking to file charges against 5 of them. I really dont know if these so-called PNP intellegence report are accurate or if they are just making something out of nothing. Sometimes, i feel that having a Muslim name makes one a target or a suspect immediately.

The Meningococcemia scare in baguio city. The conflicting and alarmist way of reporting of the media and the DOH is affecting not only the city's tourism but also its economy.

Hanggang kailan ba tayong magiging praning?

Friday, January 07, 2005

sick ang tired

Been nursing a cold since last Wednesday... what a way to usher in the new year.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

resolutions 2005

With the New Year come new resolutions. These resolutions are not cast in stone, but i will try to abide by it. Resolutions #1 and 2 are my priorities. More resolutions will be added to the list in the coming months but these 5 resolutions are my main targets:

1. Save more - save at least 10% of my net income. I should open a separate account for this...should do this by end Jan
2. Have a "buffer" account for my dream space - This is account should have at least 5 to 6 months "buffer".
3. Treat myself more - hope to do this once a month or once every two month... shoes, blouses, etc.
4. Eat healthier - I should cut down on colas, cakes and chocolates. Eat more greens and learn a new diet. Will be starting on a new diet by mid January or early February.
5. Make new friends

I expect to do a mid-year assessment... this will tell me if I am on the right track.

Zulican virus - a hoax

A text message circulating recently reads: "Alert everyone: Very dangerous virus, ZULICAN is spreading through seafood. So please avoid eating seafood and pass this message to all your friends".

The Philippine government through the Department of Health (DOH) and the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), belied reports of this type of virus in fish. According to BFAR director Malcom Sarmiento, "Such virus does not exist." The BFAR and DOH is advising the people to disregard the message, in fact, yesterday a text message was being circulated to counter the Zulican text. The recent text message states that the Zulican virus text is a hoax and should be disregarded.

The same Zulican text message is being circulated in tsunami-wracked countries and nearby states. These countries (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, et al, came up with press releases about the text message. They urge their citizens to ignore such sick message that causes alarm and further confuse people.

This message does not only confuse and alam people, it also affects the fisherfolks, traders and people who derive their income from fish and seafood. At times like this, what we need are prayers and the bayanihan sprit of helping each other... not the foolishness of circulating negative and unconfirmed text messages.

For more information on the hoax pls refer to this.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

waiting for the turn of the tides

I am still hopeful that the tides will turn soon and that the person i trusted will not let me down. Dear God, Pls hear my prayer...let me hear from him soon...let all things be ok... I hope that in these days of great trial for all, we can find strength in love, friends and family.

less is more


In a recent study, controlling portion size emerged as one of the most effective strategies for shedding excess pounds and keeping them off. Use small plates, eat slowly, and eat fiber-rich, balanced meals to help you feel satisfied while curbing any tendencies to eat too many calories.

Monday, January 03, 2005

2005 astrological predictions

Got this from a friend. I don't know how reliable it is, but it's a fun read. What's in store for 2005? Let us look at the stars:

Aries in 2005 - Flexibility
If you want a motto for 2005, the best one to adopt would be "go with the flow." 2005 will be a year of ups and downs, and only the flexible will be able to keep from going crazy! All Aries natives may have to tighten their belts and curb their desire for constant expansion. You may need to play it cool and curb your spending. You'll be among the first to seize upon new societal trends to create new opportunities for yourself, as your creativity will be at an all-time high. You will be more eloquent and persuasive than usual, and others will identify enthusiastically with your vision. If you want to start a new creative project or businessventure, your imagination will be working overtime. 2005 could find you doingwell career-wise - and aspiring to climb even higher.

Taurus in 2005 - Tenacity
"Diligence" is the key word for you, Taurus. With hard work and focus,you will attain at least one important aspiration that has been on your agenda for a long time. This is the year you'll want to take stock ofyour career and ask yourself if you're doing the work you want to do forthe rest of your life. As the year progresses, the more impressive your ideas and works become. As a result, your finances improve - and your new found confidence could attract new love into your life. By the end ofthe year, you will have a whole new network of friends and groupactivity, stimulating new ideas and taking up your social life a notch or two.

Gemini in 2005 - Success
Your cycle of learning through the school of hard knocks has come to an end, Gemini, and now you're going to start reaping the rewards these "lessons" have left in their wake. As 2005 progresses, the road ahead will become clearer. You now have it in you to create the kind of life for yourself that you want. These leaps and bounds forward include love and creativity. Your learning of concepts of all kinds combines with extensive group activity, bringing your mind into a whole new space this year. By the end of 2005 you'll have a whole new start with regard to your career and your earning potential - and a possible new partnership to top it off!

Cancer in 2005 - Balance
Finding a balance between your personal and professional lives may be one of the year's strongest challenges. For the most part, your outwardlife this year will go in fits and starts - alternating periods of intense activity with times of welcome rest. Enjoy the restful periods when you can. The active ones will be hectic! You'll be making radical changes in your work habits, but you'll be a lot happier for it, and in the end you'll know it was worth it. Your love life is full, and any dissatisfaction with career and money matters fades into the background. Bythe end of 2005, you'll feel more confident, more determined, and farmore capable of making the mountains come to you!

Leo in 2005 - Abundance
Pursuing a successful career, along with the usual social and in fiancial advantages, will be easier this year than it has in a long time for you, Leo! The most difficult thing might be deciding which path means the most to you, and where to put your focus. You'll be able to create opportunities for advancement almost out of thin air. Romance in 2005 will make it a year to remember - and you'll be the envy of all yourfriends. Love comes willingly and easily. Money may suddenly become tight at a very inconvenient time. Yet, this is no comparison to the advancements you'll make overall, and by the end of 2005, you'll look back in sheer wonder and happiness.

Virgo in 2005 - Perseverance
Your working life might not go so smoothly this year, Virgo. For much of 2005, you'll be putting your nose to the grindstone. On the brightside, your finances will be pretty stable. Just don't take it for granted- you still need to be cautious this year. Your love life will thrivefor most of the year, and any relationship begun or reaffirmed in 2005 is very likely to be a lasting one. And, you're going to develop ahopeless romantic streak. In spite of a lot of worry over your career, by the year's end, you'll see that 2005 has filled your life with prosperityand accomplishments.

Libra in 2005 - Expansion
Flex your muscles, friend Libra, and prepare for a relatively easyride. With beneficent Jupiter in your sign, this is definitely your year,especially where your social life is concerned. Happiness and enjoyment lie ahead. If you're not presently married, and want to be, you justmight wed by the end of the year. This is the year you're going to be doing a lot of travel and learning about your world, as expansion is the theme. The one department of life that may not quite be as hopeful as you'd like could be your career, where advancement may be slow and satisfaction rare. By year's end, you may find yourself seriously consideringa major change - all for the best.

Scorpio in 2005 - Transmutation
Scorpio, you can still expect changes - perhaps major ones- in your life this year, almost to the point of total transformation.While this is most apparent in the area of your career, you'll see it showing up in other important aspects of your life. Your life might take on an entirely new direction you've never dreamed of. You may also change your residence during the year. Whether you start the year as a single person looking for a partner, or you've been married for many years, happiness in love does lie ahead. Be prepared for new horizons. They may not be familiar, but they will be fascinating. Don't cling to the banks; instead, flow with the tide in 2005.

Sagittarius in 2005 - Empowerment
Are you prepared to handle absolute power? If not, you will be soon! Your ruling planet, Jupiter, will be in a special relationship with Pluto - called "mutual reception" - in 2005. There's so much punchpacked into this combination that it's almost scary. You'll find the ultimate power is the ability to choose your own destiny. You'll find practical ways of increasing your effectiveness in the world by gaining new skills that allow you to live more abundantly. By the second half of the year, you will finally feel welcome relief from the tight financial binds that have hindered you over the past two years. And, a relationship you begin now will last a very long time - like, for the rest ofyour life. Overall, 2005 is sure to be a year you won't forget.

Capricorn in 2005 - Resolution
You've got plenty of lucky breaks headed your way in 2005, friend Capricorn. The long awaited relief you've needed in your lovelife is around the corner, and by the end of the year you will feel much clearer about your partnerships in general. Financially, it could be a lean year, although some advance planning can help you weather the storm. Your career opportunities will expand exponentially, and you'relikely to change jobs or positions this year. At times, the pressure on your job and home life may seem unbearable, but rest assured you will come through this stronger - and wiser - than ever, as more is revealed and resolved in 2005.

Aquarius in 2005 - Magic
2005 sees you expanding your intuitive and psychic skill seven more, Aquarius. The mysteries of the universe continue to attract and intrigue you, as you apply your mystical awareness to the important decisions upcoming in your life, especially concerning partnerships ofall kinds. 2005 is bound to bring at least one major success in the love department, and your career will be brimming with new enthusiasm and innovation. Not only that, but travel, adventure, and personalexpansion infuse fresh energy into all areas of your life. By year's end, your creative decision-making will have carried you to whole new peaks -and a whole new view from above.

Pisces in 2005 - Self-confidence
It's a big year for you, friend Pisces. No doubt, in 2005 you'll find yourself pushed more and more out into the world.You'll experience a new sense of purpose and make plenty of new friends. Expect lots of surprises and lucky breaks this year, withUranus bringing the unexpected in your career, your love life, and the world in general. At some point during the year, you could pick up a financial windfall, hear of a great career opportunity, or unexpectedly meet the love of your life. It's important that you take retreats and plenty of time for yourself to regenerate, as the rate of change inyour personal and professional life will be fast and unpredictable. Remain calm and confident, and love is very likely to flourish in 2005."Expect the unexpected," and enjoy the ride!

Wishes 2005

My new year wishes... hope a majority comes true:
1. A new and improved love
2. Meet new friends, have dinner with old friends at least once a month.
3. Payment of debts... hope that the person that owes me pays on time.
4. A stable job, and relationship
5. A part time job to augment my income
6. Love, love and more love!
7. Hearing from the one person who means so much.
8. Being right on trusting and giving a friend another chance.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Predictions 2005

The new year brings resolutions, hope and best wishes. It is also a period where TV & radio talkshows, newspapers, magazines and other publications devote segments and spaces to predictions. This trend will continue until February - the celebration of the Chinese New Year.

As usual there are predictions of tragedy, death and even more hardships. One need not consult a manghuhula to come up with these predictions:
1. Our country will have a super typhoon this year.
2. A political figure will be part of a national scandal.
3. The nation will mourn the passing of a popular artista and a political figure.
4. The number of unemployed will increase as well as the number of Filipinos who will seek better oppurtunities outside the Philippines.
5. The Arroyo government will be rocked with scandals, and distabilization plots.


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