Monday, June 12, 2006

my disney holiday

All our bags are packed and ready to go...standing beside the disney train, eagerly waiting for departure.

Can't wait for my date with donald and mickey. :) (with my good friend christine at the disney train station in sunny bay... dont you just love the mickey windows?)

One could feel the excitement and anticipation in the air, after all when does a 30 year old get to be a child for one day? Here we are at the gateway of the magical realm

As Sharon qued for tickets, christine and i can't pass off another photo op. hehehe

Another photo op in adventure land... on our way to see the lion king show, take the jungle cruise and visit tarzan's treehouse.

After watching the Lion King show / musical.

Us trying to move the stranded jeepney. hehehe (as if we could!)

Sleeping beauty's castle

With Donald duck... Leo, me, donald, christine and sharon... now we all know why he has such quick temper... pano palaging may kabag dahil walang salawal. bwhahahah

The world on our shoulders in tomorrow land. Had a blast riding space mountain (rode 2x) hehehe

Sleeping beauty's castle at night. taken just before the fireworks show.

My day in disney? Tired feet, sore back, empty wallet, happy heart... a magical weekend!

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