Tuesday, December 11, 2007

two weeks na lang

December 10, 2007 930pm Chicago, December 11, 2007 1130 am Manila

Grabe two weeks na lang at alis na ako sa Chicago. Parang kahapon lang ako dumating ha. How quickly time flies when you're working and having fun at the same time. hahaha. Teka, bakit parang ayaw ko pa umuwi? Di pa ako nahohome sick? May mali ba sa akin?

There was 5 inches of snow last week but guess what? WALA AKONG PICTURE IN THE SNOW! huhuhu. yun lang ang masaklap pag mag isa ka mag travel, walang mag pipicture sa yo in the snow. Nahihiya naman akong magpapapicture sa mga tao kc parang nagmamadali silang lahat. hahaha.

Tapos nung weekend naman natutunaw na ang snow. Yup, the snow was turning into ice and it was dangerous to just walk from one block to another. sobrang slippery ang mga sidewalks (yung mga walang establishments in front of them) at ilang beses na rin akong muntik madapa. hahaha. Pero Pero Pero, wala pa rin akong picture in the snow. huhuhu. Ano ba to? Magkakaroon ba ako ng chance to take some pics in the snow? 2 weeks na lang ako dito!


Hmmmm... gusto ko lang ipost ang mga napansin ko dito. TV ads - kung sa atin ay ads for shampoos, laundry detergent and beauty creams, I noticed that most of their ads are either sale ads (parang every weekend may sale ang mga stores dito), medicines, cars or air fresheners. hahaha. kakaiba ano? Parang ang sarap tuloy mag shopping. :) Now if only i have the means to do it. hahaha.

I wonder, are the kind of ads reflective of the society or the country? bakit karamihan ng tv commercials natin laundry detergent, shampoos, beauty creams? at bakit dito sa US, they do not focus on laundry detergent? Siguro iba ang important sa kanilang society. Siguro mahilig tayo mag linis? Ah ewan.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

bed weather day

December 3, 2007 9pm chicago; December 4, 11pm Manila

The sun was shinning this morning but it was one of the coldest day i have experienced so far (i know it will be colder soon). It would have been the perfect day to just stay in bed with a hot bowl of soup or a cup of hot cocoa. But, as luck will have it, it's MONDAY. The first day of the work week so I have to brave the cold and go to the office for my "training". Notice ninyo ba na pag lakwatsa ang pinag usapan ay ok lang ang lamig pero pag time to work parang hirap umalis sa kama?hehehe

It just does not seem right na super lamig tapos sunny. Eh sa atin kc pag lumabas na si amang araw, hala, labas na ang mga payong at shades natin. Di lang yun, lahat tayo pupunta sa mall para magpalamig o di kaya di lalabas ng bahay at mag bubukas ng aircon. Eh ngayon, eto ako, kahit super sikat ni amang araw ay naka ilang layers ako, may scarf, gloves, bonnet at kung ano ano pa. This kind of weather makes me long for pinas heat (but not during the summer). bwahhaha gusto ko ang heat but not the humidity that comes with it!

Anyways, i think i would rather have some degree of cold than have the heater on. Notice ko kc if the heater is on, mas nahihirapan ako - mas feeling ko mag kakasakit ako. Eto pa ang nakakatawa, di ba malamig ngayon? hala, every day pa rin ang ligo (minsan 2x a day) pa. Eh pano, ang sarap ng hot shower after being out in the cold. bwahhaah. sira talaga ako noh?

Ano pa ba? Ah oo nga, I still cannot get used to (it) being dark at 4pm! Di yata tama yun ha. Parang, hello, where did my day go??? Ang aga na dumilim dito. Diba pag madilim na parang gusto mo na umuwi o mag dinner? Eh hello, merienda time pa lang yun ha. Kaya siguro parang ang bilis ng oras dito. Di lang sa dami ng ginagawa o di kaya dahil everyone is always on the go, but because it gets dark real early. :)

Hay, malapit na pala ako umuwi sa pinas. Grabe ang bilis ng panahon, parang kadarating ko lang ha. Di ko pa yata na experience how it is to live in america. Ni di pa nga ako nakakapag lakwatsa at shopping ng todo. :) hopefully, i can pick up a few items for myself and my siblings this weekend. Hirap nga lang talaga to live within a budget. Hay, how i wish marami akong salaping pang shopping.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Winter is here - my first winter storm

December 1, 2007 9pm Chicago; December 2, 11am Manila

A winter storm warning has been up since last night (expected to hit Illinois between 1-2pm today) but it did not stop me from going downtown even for a few hours. :)

Knowing that it would be freezing today (and expecting snow) I really bundled up today - layers and layers of shirts, pants, socks, etc (i looked like a snowman). Nothing can keep me away form what i planned on doing - buy the books atchie ordered before it gets really cold. hehehe. Siguro bored lang talaga ako from being in the hotel that i need to go out into the city. Either that or matigas lang talaga ang ulo ko. :)

What i planned to do was just to get the books in borders and do a little window shopping in Macy's or in the shops in state st. and michigan ave. Hey, I have been here for 2 months (and will be leaving in 3 weeks) but still have not done any pasalubong shopping. Bad noh?

When i arrived at the union station around 11am, the weather was cooperating with me. Although it was cold, at least the wind was not blowing nor was it snowing. But i was not taking my chances. Although i loved walking around the city (medyo alam ko na how to go from point A to B), it was too cold to walk so i decided to take the free trolley and just go down at the Macy's stop. This way, I would be keeping myself warm and since Borders is just a block off Macy's, I would be killing two birds with one stone - get some frango chocolates for ma and pa and atchie's books. :) Plus a little side shopping for me.

I first went to borders for the books and spent considerable time browsing. :) Chi, was able to get the two books - the grand tour and mislaid magician- and they were the last copies in the store. :)Yahoo for me! At least that errand was successful. One pasalubong down, a few more to go. After that i went down the road to have my lunch before going to Macy's, Old Navy and other stores.

It was then (siguro mga 1230pm) that the wind picked up and snow was coming down like crazy. Syempre, unang pumasok sa isip ko - will the trolley service still be running kahit sa ganitong weather? Hehehe, Yan at syempre first snow storm ko, hey i want to be outside (kahit super sandali) to experience it. bwahahah. baliw noh? sayang nga wala akong picture today - nakakahiyang kumuha ng picture.

Anyways, seeing how quicky the weather changed (plus sinabi nila na in the late afternoon it would be snow and freezing rain) i decided to just take the trolley back to the union station at kahit maaga ako dun, ok lang. I would rather wait there than be stuck somewhere else.

So instead of doing some additional pasalubong shopping and also getting something for myself, i just picked up 2 boxes of frango chocolates (kung may time next week, balik n lang for a box or two), then headed straight to the trolley stop.

It must have been my lucky day since di naman ako nag hintay ng matagal for the trolley. Ok lang kahit i have to take the long route to the Union station kc i had time to spare. At buti na lang na yun ang naging decision ko. Had i waited for 30 minutes to an hour to take the trolley, i would have faced icy rain rather than snow. And i would rather have snow than rain kc mas nababasa ka sa ulan.

Good thing too that the train was on time and when i got to hinsdale nandun na ang hotel shuttle. It really was too cold to walk and to have gimmick. bwhahaha. Matigas lang talaga ulo ko - that i really had to go downtown today. As if! Kung nandito si mama or si papa I am sure na pagagalitan ako ng mga yun. :)

The temperature says 33 degrees (zero in Celsius)but feels like 23 degrees due to windchill factor. The ponds near and around the hotel are frozen, i think there is ice outside my window and the wind is howling outside.

Buti na lang at nandito ako sa aking warm bed sa hotel with a cup of hot choco and a pack of chocolate chip cookies. Yun nga lang miss ko ang arroz caldo. huhuhuh parang masarap mag arroz caldo! Wala namang ganun dito sa menu nila. Di lang arroz caldo ang gusto ko, gusto ko rin ng chicken bbq at ng steak. bwahahah. Ganito ba talaga pag nilalamig? Parang ang daming gustong kainin? Tapos yung ibang gusto ko wala sa hotel menu, yung meron naman, sobrang mahal, ano ba to! I miss my comfort foods!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

my many firsts

November 30, 2007 1130am Chicago; December 1, 1:30 am Manila

The past 2 weeks was filled with many firsts for me - my first turkey day, my first snow, my first below freezing temperature and my first black Friday experience. Grabe! Di lang yun, it was my first real vacation in weeks. I spent it with my aunt and cousin and went to watch wicked. :) Di ako nag bukas ng laptop at nag trabaho for 5 days. Yahoo for me.

Ang dami kong gustong ikwento parng hirap mag simula. hmmm where do i start?


My Wicked experience - I went to watch "wicked the musical" with my aunt the day before thanksgiving. Grabe ang ganda ng theater. How i wish we also have those in Manila. Kaso lang yung mga magagandang theaters in Manila are neglected. Sayang.

Anyways, my aunt and i really enjoyed the musical. I know that the book is kinda boring but the play, grabe it was really good. The music was catchy, the story is fast paced, it even gave a background to the characters of the the "wicked" witch of the east and the west, the good witch, the wizard of oz, scarecrow, lion and the tin man. Plus parang may commentary din about perception and the truth. I mean di ba, kahit alam mo ang totoo, minsan it does not really count? Kc people tend to judge you based on what they hear, read or on their first impressions? Ah basta, great play. Really recommended. Sana makabalik ako dito (or may ganitong play sa manila) with my parents and siblings. I am sure they will really enjoy the play.


My First snow and thanksgiving - My first thanksgiving coincided with my first snow experince. :) snow was really magical although i really wont stay outdoors since lamigin ako. Plus since di nman ako magtatagal pa dito at di ko rin magagamit ang mga winter gear sa manila, i see no point in investing in winter clothing. (mahal ang mga damit dito) Good thing is aside from the thick coat na dala ko from manila (mura lang sa surplus), i can borrow coats and sweaters from my aunt and cousin. Yun nga lang wawa ang paa ko kc wala akong winter boots. hehehe.

I spent thanksgiving with my cousin and her in-laws. Sayang nga i did not get to take some pictures of the spread. Americans really make a big deal about thanksgiving. I guess this is one holiday that encompasses all religion plus a way for family to come together and EAT. boy, did i eat. hehehe.

I stuffed myself with good old home cooked food - miss ko na yun noh. :) I have been eating fast food and restaurant food since i came here, so I was really happy that i was able to eat hot home cooked meals for 5 days straight. I loved the turkey (dark meat than white) and pecan pie. :) In fact, i had seconds, and thirds, and fourths. bwahhaha.


Black Friday - The day after thanksgiving is always the start of the holiday shopping here in the US. They really make such a big deal out of this (stores open at 4am!) that our midnight madness sales will pale in comparisons. Imagine mo ha, laptops na almost 50% off, shoes, bags, clothes, etc all almost 50% off. Sino ba naman ang di gigising ng maaga for this noh?

Ah kami nga pala ng pinsan ko gumusing ng maaga for this. Kc nga super ganda ng mga offers. Ayun ang dami nyang nabili na gadgets. Yun nga lang di namin nabili ang gusto naming laptop kc late na kami dumating sa store (530am ha, late na) at konti lang ang items na yun per store. Hay, parang kahit super ganda ng mga offers, di ko na gagawin uli ito. hehehe (parang feeling makakabalik sa US ano?) Sa manila nga, iwas ako sa mall pag sale, dito hala, pumunta. Oh well, just for the experience noh.


Dami pa akong kwento -like not being able to go in a casino , etc, pero next time n lang. Dahil sa lamig dito, nagkakasakit na ako. Rest muna ang beauty ko. :)

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