Tuesday, December 11, 2007

two weeks na lang

December 10, 2007 930pm Chicago, December 11, 2007 1130 am Manila

Grabe two weeks na lang at alis na ako sa Chicago. Parang kahapon lang ako dumating ha. How quickly time flies when you're working and having fun at the same time. hahaha. Teka, bakit parang ayaw ko pa umuwi? Di pa ako nahohome sick? May mali ba sa akin?

There was 5 inches of snow last week but guess what? WALA AKONG PICTURE IN THE SNOW! huhuhu. yun lang ang masaklap pag mag isa ka mag travel, walang mag pipicture sa yo in the snow. Nahihiya naman akong magpapapicture sa mga tao kc parang nagmamadali silang lahat. hahaha.

Tapos nung weekend naman natutunaw na ang snow. Yup, the snow was turning into ice and it was dangerous to just walk from one block to another. sobrang slippery ang mga sidewalks (yung mga walang establishments in front of them) at ilang beses na rin akong muntik madapa. hahaha. Pero Pero Pero, wala pa rin akong picture in the snow. huhuhu. Ano ba to? Magkakaroon ba ako ng chance to take some pics in the snow? 2 weeks na lang ako dito!


Hmmmm... gusto ko lang ipost ang mga napansin ko dito. TV ads - kung sa atin ay ads for shampoos, laundry detergent and beauty creams, I noticed that most of their ads are either sale ads (parang every weekend may sale ang mga stores dito), medicines, cars or air fresheners. hahaha. kakaiba ano? Parang ang sarap tuloy mag shopping. :) Now if only i have the means to do it. hahaha.

I wonder, are the kind of ads reflective of the society or the country? bakit karamihan ng tv commercials natin laundry detergent, shampoos, beauty creams? at bakit dito sa US, they do not focus on laundry detergent? Siguro iba ang important sa kanilang society. Siguro mahilig tayo mag linis? Ah ewan.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

bed weather day

December 3, 2007 9pm chicago; December 4, 11pm Manila

The sun was shinning this morning but it was one of the coldest day i have experienced so far (i know it will be colder soon). It would have been the perfect day to just stay in bed with a hot bowl of soup or a cup of hot cocoa. But, as luck will have it, it's MONDAY. The first day of the work week so I have to brave the cold and go to the office for my "training". Notice ninyo ba na pag lakwatsa ang pinag usapan ay ok lang ang lamig pero pag time to work parang hirap umalis sa kama?hehehe

It just does not seem right na super lamig tapos sunny. Eh sa atin kc pag lumabas na si amang araw, hala, labas na ang mga payong at shades natin. Di lang yun, lahat tayo pupunta sa mall para magpalamig o di kaya di lalabas ng bahay at mag bubukas ng aircon. Eh ngayon, eto ako, kahit super sikat ni amang araw ay naka ilang layers ako, may scarf, gloves, bonnet at kung ano ano pa. This kind of weather makes me long for pinas heat (but not during the summer). bwahhaha gusto ko ang heat but not the humidity that comes with it!

Anyways, i think i would rather have some degree of cold than have the heater on. Notice ko kc if the heater is on, mas nahihirapan ako - mas feeling ko mag kakasakit ako. Eto pa ang nakakatawa, di ba malamig ngayon? hala, every day pa rin ang ligo (minsan 2x a day) pa. Eh pano, ang sarap ng hot shower after being out in the cold. bwahhaah. sira talaga ako noh?

Ano pa ba? Ah oo nga, I still cannot get used to (it) being dark at 4pm! Di yata tama yun ha. Parang, hello, where did my day go??? Ang aga na dumilim dito. Diba pag madilim na parang gusto mo na umuwi o mag dinner? Eh hello, merienda time pa lang yun ha. Kaya siguro parang ang bilis ng oras dito. Di lang sa dami ng ginagawa o di kaya dahil everyone is always on the go, but because it gets dark real early. :)

Hay, malapit na pala ako umuwi sa pinas. Grabe ang bilis ng panahon, parang kadarating ko lang ha. Di ko pa yata na experience how it is to live in america. Ni di pa nga ako nakakapag lakwatsa at shopping ng todo. :) hopefully, i can pick up a few items for myself and my siblings this weekend. Hirap nga lang talaga to live within a budget. Hay, how i wish marami akong salaping pang shopping.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Winter is here - my first winter storm

December 1, 2007 9pm Chicago; December 2, 11am Manila

A winter storm warning has been up since last night (expected to hit Illinois between 1-2pm today) but it did not stop me from going downtown even for a few hours. :)

Knowing that it would be freezing today (and expecting snow) I really bundled up today - layers and layers of shirts, pants, socks, etc (i looked like a snowman). Nothing can keep me away form what i planned on doing - buy the books atchie ordered before it gets really cold. hehehe. Siguro bored lang talaga ako from being in the hotel that i need to go out into the city. Either that or matigas lang talaga ang ulo ko. :)

What i planned to do was just to get the books in borders and do a little window shopping in Macy's or in the shops in state st. and michigan ave. Hey, I have been here for 2 months (and will be leaving in 3 weeks) but still have not done any pasalubong shopping. Bad noh?

When i arrived at the union station around 11am, the weather was cooperating with me. Although it was cold, at least the wind was not blowing nor was it snowing. But i was not taking my chances. Although i loved walking around the city (medyo alam ko na how to go from point A to B), it was too cold to walk so i decided to take the free trolley and just go down at the Macy's stop. This way, I would be keeping myself warm and since Borders is just a block off Macy's, I would be killing two birds with one stone - get some frango chocolates for ma and pa and atchie's books. :) Plus a little side shopping for me.

I first went to borders for the books and spent considerable time browsing. :) Chi, was able to get the two books - the grand tour and mislaid magician- and they were the last copies in the store. :)Yahoo for me! At least that errand was successful. One pasalubong down, a few more to go. After that i went down the road to have my lunch before going to Macy's, Old Navy and other stores.

It was then (siguro mga 1230pm) that the wind picked up and snow was coming down like crazy. Syempre, unang pumasok sa isip ko - will the trolley service still be running kahit sa ganitong weather? Hehehe, Yan at syempre first snow storm ko, hey i want to be outside (kahit super sandali) to experience it. bwahahah. baliw noh? sayang nga wala akong picture today - nakakahiyang kumuha ng picture.

Anyways, seeing how quicky the weather changed (plus sinabi nila na in the late afternoon it would be snow and freezing rain) i decided to just take the trolley back to the union station at kahit maaga ako dun, ok lang. I would rather wait there than be stuck somewhere else.

So instead of doing some additional pasalubong shopping and also getting something for myself, i just picked up 2 boxes of frango chocolates (kung may time next week, balik n lang for a box or two), then headed straight to the trolley stop.

It must have been my lucky day since di naman ako nag hintay ng matagal for the trolley. Ok lang kahit i have to take the long route to the Union station kc i had time to spare. At buti na lang na yun ang naging decision ko. Had i waited for 30 minutes to an hour to take the trolley, i would have faced icy rain rather than snow. And i would rather have snow than rain kc mas nababasa ka sa ulan.

Good thing too that the train was on time and when i got to hinsdale nandun na ang hotel shuttle. It really was too cold to walk and to have gimmick. bwhahaha. Matigas lang talaga ulo ko - that i really had to go downtown today. As if! Kung nandito si mama or si papa I am sure na pagagalitan ako ng mga yun. :)

The temperature says 33 degrees (zero in Celsius)but feels like 23 degrees due to windchill factor. The ponds near and around the hotel are frozen, i think there is ice outside my window and the wind is howling outside.

Buti na lang at nandito ako sa aking warm bed sa hotel with a cup of hot choco and a pack of chocolate chip cookies. Yun nga lang miss ko ang arroz caldo. huhuhuh parang masarap mag arroz caldo! Wala namang ganun dito sa menu nila. Di lang arroz caldo ang gusto ko, gusto ko rin ng chicken bbq at ng steak. bwahahah. Ganito ba talaga pag nilalamig? Parang ang daming gustong kainin? Tapos yung ibang gusto ko wala sa hotel menu, yung meron naman, sobrang mahal, ano ba to! I miss my comfort foods!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

my many firsts

November 30, 2007 1130am Chicago; December 1, 1:30 am Manila

The past 2 weeks was filled with many firsts for me - my first turkey day, my first snow, my first below freezing temperature and my first black Friday experience. Grabe! Di lang yun, it was my first real vacation in weeks. I spent it with my aunt and cousin and went to watch wicked. :) Di ako nag bukas ng laptop at nag trabaho for 5 days. Yahoo for me.

Ang dami kong gustong ikwento parng hirap mag simula. hmmm where do i start?


My Wicked experience - I went to watch "wicked the musical" with my aunt the day before thanksgiving. Grabe ang ganda ng theater. How i wish we also have those in Manila. Kaso lang yung mga magagandang theaters in Manila are neglected. Sayang.

Anyways, my aunt and i really enjoyed the musical. I know that the book is kinda boring but the play, grabe it was really good. The music was catchy, the story is fast paced, it even gave a background to the characters of the the "wicked" witch of the east and the west, the good witch, the wizard of oz, scarecrow, lion and the tin man. Plus parang may commentary din about perception and the truth. I mean di ba, kahit alam mo ang totoo, minsan it does not really count? Kc people tend to judge you based on what they hear, read or on their first impressions? Ah basta, great play. Really recommended. Sana makabalik ako dito (or may ganitong play sa manila) with my parents and siblings. I am sure they will really enjoy the play.


My First snow and thanksgiving - My first thanksgiving coincided with my first snow experince. :) snow was really magical although i really wont stay outdoors since lamigin ako. Plus since di nman ako magtatagal pa dito at di ko rin magagamit ang mga winter gear sa manila, i see no point in investing in winter clothing. (mahal ang mga damit dito) Good thing is aside from the thick coat na dala ko from manila (mura lang sa surplus), i can borrow coats and sweaters from my aunt and cousin. Yun nga lang wawa ang paa ko kc wala akong winter boots. hehehe.

I spent thanksgiving with my cousin and her in-laws. Sayang nga i did not get to take some pictures of the spread. Americans really make a big deal about thanksgiving. I guess this is one holiday that encompasses all religion plus a way for family to come together and EAT. boy, did i eat. hehehe.

I stuffed myself with good old home cooked food - miss ko na yun noh. :) I have been eating fast food and restaurant food since i came here, so I was really happy that i was able to eat hot home cooked meals for 5 days straight. I loved the turkey (dark meat than white) and pecan pie. :) In fact, i had seconds, and thirds, and fourths. bwahhaha.


Black Friday - The day after thanksgiving is always the start of the holiday shopping here in the US. They really make such a big deal out of this (stores open at 4am!) that our midnight madness sales will pale in comparisons. Imagine mo ha, laptops na almost 50% off, shoes, bags, clothes, etc all almost 50% off. Sino ba naman ang di gigising ng maaga for this noh?

Ah kami nga pala ng pinsan ko gumusing ng maaga for this. Kc nga super ganda ng mga offers. Ayun ang dami nyang nabili na gadgets. Yun nga lang di namin nabili ang gusto naming laptop kc late na kami dumating sa store (530am ha, late na) at konti lang ang items na yun per store. Hay, parang kahit super ganda ng mga offers, di ko na gagawin uli ito. hehehe (parang feeling makakabalik sa US ano?) Sa manila nga, iwas ako sa mall pag sale, dito hala, pumunta. Oh well, just for the experience noh.


Dami pa akong kwento -like not being able to go in a casino , etc, pero next time n lang. Dahil sa lamig dito, nagkakasakit na ako. Rest muna ang beauty ko. :)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

count down to winter

November 17, 550pm Chicago; November 18, 750am Manila

It's 4 degrees Celsius outside and it's drizzling. It is freezing and i never felt so cold in my entire life, and it's not even winter yet. Weather in Chicago has been steadily dropping the past couple of weeks. While tress are shedding off their leaves in preparation for winter, I on the other hand, have steadily adding on items of clothing to wear. Hay, ang hirap ha. Mahirap pag malamig, ang daming layers na gagamitin. Nakakainis.

Pag sa Manila ka, you try to wear things that keep you cool... shorts, skirts, tshirts. tapos flipflops na lang ok na diba? naku, dito ang daming layers na kailangang gamitin to keep you warm. :-P. Actually, i kinda like this weather now... bearable pa naman kung may coat ka, what i dont want is the cold wind. grabe, when it blows sobrang lamig parang may bumugbog sa yo or something.

Anyways, going back to clothing. I never wore so much in 1 day ha. Like now, i need to wear thermal pants and jeans, tapos socks, tapos may thermal shirt pa under my regular shirt. Aside from that my hoodie pa akong gamit at thick coat pag lumalabas... now dont forget to wear scarf, bonnet and gloves... so all in all, these days, i usually wear at least 5 items of clothing just to keep me warm on the train. tsk tsk. eh sa pinas tama na ang jeans at t-shirt. minsan nga short at t-shirt lang. bwahahaha.

Well kahit marami akong reklamo regarding keeping warm, as i said, i kinda love fall (at least early fall) kc its not too cold and wet and its not too warm and dry. Sana nga may fall sa pinas, its getting to be my fave season. :) Aside from the weather, i also like the holidays associated with fall like thanksgiving and halloween. I will be having my first thanksgiving and sana maging ok ito. I am really looking forward to it. Kc its one holiday na para sa lahat ng religion. Not like Chirstmas or Eid na specific, thanksgiving is for all. Kaya i really am looking forward to experiencing my first thanksgiving... bring on the turkey, and pumpkin pie!

Monday, November 12, 2007

I have tickets!

November 11, 450pm Chicago; November 12, 650am Manila

After weeks of procrastinating, I finally got the nerve to order tickets to Wicked, the musical. :) I called ticketmaster and ordered 2 tickets for an afternoon performance on November 21. Luckily, there were still availble tickets on the price range we wanted. hehehe It might not be the best seat around (we might have limited view and all), but who cares, I am going to watch the show!

Now if i can only find someone to go with me to watch shear madness. :) Anyone interested?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

what no simpack?!?

November 9, 1020pm Chicago; November 10, 1220am Manila

What no simpack??? yan ang unang pumasok sa isip ko nung naghanap ako ng prepaid sim dito sa tate. I mean, sa atin di ba kahit saan mall pwede kang makabili ng simpack? Well, dito when you buy a prepaid sim, you have to buy the phone that goes with it!

Yup, package deal ang phone and sim dito. They call it "phone-to-go" and not all providers offer this service. Hey, they even only sell the phonepack and prepaid callcards on selected places (like walgreens, target and walmart). hehehe. Di gaya sa atin, kahit saang kanto, makakabili k ng load. Kahit sa ating sari-sari store may nagbebenta ng load. :)

Hmmm ano pa ba? Well unlike sa atin, where you can immediately use the sim, dito you have to call the provider to have it activated. You have to give a bunch of information (the simcard number, the phone SME, etc) to have the sim activated. You only get your phone number once the sim gets activated. O diba, ibang iba sa atin? :) sa atin, may phone number na sa simpack at ready to use. You only have to load a minimum of 50php (minsan nga 20 or less lang) para magamit mo ang sya. Dito? Minimum load is 10usd. Hay, kung di ko lang kailangan ng phone dito... hehehe.

Ay oo nga pala, all incoming and outgoing calls (cp man or landline) dito ay bayad. So parang mas ok pa rin sa atin kahit pangit ang service ng PLDT at bayantel. :)

one month na

November 9, 10pm Chicago; November 10, 12nn Manila

Grabe, more than one month na pala ako dito and it feels like i arrived just a week ago. Ang bilis ng araw! Eh feeling ko wala pa akong masyadong nagagawa. Ni di pa nga ako nakakabili ng ticket for a play nor try the famous dog nor even shop.Di di pa nga ako nakakapunta sa taas ng sears tower. Pathetic ano? How is wish i could stay longer here, parang there are so many things to do and explore and i am running out of time to do it.

Anyways, I am planning to go to the shedd aquarium tomorrow. Sana nga di n nman ako mawala at malito sa mga bus routes. hehehe. Tapos bahala na kung ano ang gagawain ko sa Sunday. Di pa ako nakakapunta sa Navy Pier at di pa rin ako nakakabili ng ticket for wicked (sana makakuha ako ng ticket this month or next month). Hay, tapos pathetic pa going to places alone. How i wish may kasama ako dito or may pera ako to go to California for thanksgiving weekend. :)

Friday, November 09, 2007

Monday, November 05, 2007

alone and other kwento part 3

November 4, 627pm Chicago; November 5, 827am Manila

Start ng fallback ng Daylight savings time nila ngayon. So medyo 14 hours advance ang Manila. Being someone who never experienced daylight saving, medyo nakakalito diba? :) Well, i get the general concept of DST (try to maximize daylight as much as possible during summer months, pero medyo nalito ako kaninang umaga. hehehe. I woke up at 7am, switched on the TV and checked the time. Turns out, it was only 6am. bwhahaha. (All) Clocks were turned back an hour at 2am so i had an extra hour of sleep today. :).

Downside, dapat pala i maximized my morning kc maagang dumilim na dito so sobrang dilim na dito at 5pm. Dapat pala i should have left at 9am instead of 1030am para mas maaga ako sa downtown and have more time at the Art Institute. Hay kulang ang 3 hours dun. di ko nalibot lahat ng exhibits. I hope may time akong bumalik dun. :)

Hay naku, napagkamalan na naman akong student. :) I guess i should begin to take it as a compliment. Nung bumili kc ako ng ticket tinanong kung student ako, hehehe, the wonders of being pandak. Dapat pala dinala ko yung old ID ko, baka makadiscount. Come to think of it, may discount din pala ko - may discount coupon kc dun sa mga nakuha kong pamplets sa Cultural Center.

Maganda ang mga Exhibits, may asian art, may contemporay, european at american art at kung iba iba pa. I enjoyed the going to the paperweight exhibits at dun sa mga sculptures at mga painting ng mga greats. Pero i still can't really appreaciate all contemporary paintings. hehehe. Just goes to show di ako masyadong artistic or creative - although i Jasper Johns: Gray exhibits especially yung numbers series nya. I am sure my family would really enjoy visiting this museum.

A pat on the back for me. This time, i did not get lost! hehehe syempre direcho lang ng jackson or adams at tumbok na ang Art Institute. Pabalik? Derecho din lang until matumbok ko ang Sears tower or ang union station. hehehe. Yun nga lang i had to leave at 345pm to catch the 430 train home kc walk lang ako to the station. I kinda enjoy walking in Chicago, kc parang in every turn may makikita kang interesting. :) plus marami ding nag lalakad kaya feeling safe ka.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Ano daw?

These are Miro and Piccaso's Unnamed sculptures. What do you see?

Miro's Chicago

Miro's Chicago view2

Piccaso's sculpture

alone and other kwento, part 2

November 3, 721pm Chicago; November 4, 821am Manila

How to take a tour of Chicago for free: Go to the Cultural Center and take all the free tours you can get. :)

Diba I was really planning to go to the cultural center and the art museum today? So before going downtown i already made my schedule and syempre i mapped out the route i was going to take for the day.

Fist stop was to an AT&T or cingular store to inquire about prepaid plans since it is expensive to be on roaming for the remaining 2 months that i am here. I searched on line and found 2 stores not far from the Cultural Center and Millenium Park. So being myself, I took out a map and drew in Red Ink the path that i should take for the day. Alam mo naman chi na ligawin ako at as much as i try, i really can't read a map. hehehe

Anyways, so naka set na ang route ko and since maaga nman ang lakad ko (11am - maaga na yun ha!) i have confidence in myself na mahahanap ko rin ang mga lugar na pupuntahan ko. After lunch at the union station, I made my merry way to my first stop - yung prepaid CP.

I have to give myself a pat on the back for finding the AT&T and Cingular stores (although sad kc Mondays to Fridays lang pala sila open - huhuhu di na yata ako makakabili ng prepaid), and the Cultural Center. Yung Art Museum ok na rin kc medyo alam ko ang Millenium park.

The Cultural Center Building

As usual budget mode ako, so tamang tama lang talaga ang aking first stop which was the Chicago Cultural Center. I arrived at the Center around 1pm just in time for the start of the free tour of the building which was scheduled at 115pm. While waiting for the tour to start, i checked out the visitor's information center and helped myself to another map, and a few brochures of what the city has to offer. It was then that i found out that there is another Free tour of the city (highlighting the architecture of Chicago)scheduled between 230pm and 3pm. Naturally, being me, i signed on for that tour too. hehehe (Since ang mode ko is to save para maka panood ako ng wicked or some other play - hala mahal ang ticket noh!)

Anyways, both of the tours were informative and really gave me an appreciation for the city. I mean, they really have a sense of history, pride and love for the city. Sana noh, ganon din tayo sa atin. I especially love the sculptures they have scattered around downtown. I guess, you will really appreciate Chicago when you take a walking tour kc ang daming little and big surprises - like Picasso and miro's sculpture, yung mga old theaters, and old buildings. Sayang wala ang family ko dito, I am sure that my siblings and my parent will appreciate the sights of Chicago. Insha Allah, we can all visit Chicago soon. :)

Anyways, the "walking tour" ended around 430pm, giving me just enough time to walk back to the union station to catch my train. I have to go back down town tomorrow for the art museum thing - O chi, cultured chenes ako na. bwhahha. Eto ang nakakatawa (i am so sure my siblings are laughing their heads off), Medyo di ko na alam kung pano bumalik sa Union station and to make matters worse, nadaanan ko ang route nung umaga ha! May map na nga ako, nawala pa ako! bwhahaha. I mean alam ko ang streets and how to get there, di ko lang alam kung saan ba ang south or ang north. heheheh And i can't retrace my steps kc di na ako bumalik sa cultural center kc nga hinahabol ko ang oras.

Anywas, i remember some of the landmarks i passed nung papunta ako sa Randolf st at washington st., yun nga lang di ko matandaan how to go back to adam's or jackson st kung san ang union station. Dito kc ang haba ng kanilang streets di gaya sa atin na after one corner ay iba na ang pangalan ng street. Dito streets can strech for miles at ang difference lang ay yun S or N or E or W na prefix sa mga street signs.

Tonk talaga ako... buti na lang di ako nag panic (hala dumidilim na noh - maaga dumilim ngayon dito) at pumasok n lang ako sa isang parmacy to ask for directions. :) It turned out that i was actually going the right way, yun nga lang sa kabilang street lang. hehehe. Anyways, I actually made it to the train station with a few minutes to spare (before boarding). Hay, ganito ba uli ako bukas? hehehe. Kaya, i really need someone with me - someone who knows how to read maps and NOT GET LOST! Chi, are you reading this? Brings back memories doesn't it?

It is getting a lot chilly starting this weekend. Buti na lang medyo tolerable pa naman kanina. Sana ok din bukas. I just need to wear my thick coat, my thermal garments, long sleeved shirt, a scarf and a pair of gloves. Not much no? hehehe. Naku, kung nilalamig na ako today, what more kaya on Tuesday or Wednesday when it is said to be sobrang malamig na baka daw mag snow. huhuhu. I am sure my dad, atchie and my cousin will enjoy this weather.

Sana I have enough dough to be able to watch at least 1 play. I will try to get a ticket to wicked or another play before the end of november. Yun nga lang, i do need to get a ticket for the afternoon show since i dont have a place to stay in the city. Eto yung time na sana meron akong kasama dito kc at least we can share a cab going home. :) Sana, sana i can watch a play. Insha Allah, 1 or 2 plays before i go home.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

alone and other kwento

November 2, 2007, 1030pm chicago; November 3, 11am Manila

After spending the past two weekends with a friend and cousins, I will be spending this weekend alone.

Sayang at hindi ako sa downtown area nakatira, kungdi I'm sure that i will have the weekend all planned out - like going to the park or a museum or watching a play without having to worry about catching the train home. hehehe.

Now being in the suburbs, i have to take into consideration the metra schedule in planning my weekend. That and syempre, i have to take into consideration my budget for the weekend. Hay ang hirap talaga kung working within the budget ka. bwahhaha. How I wish i could earn what the peeps here are earning. hehehe Insha Allah, baka may chance to come back here soon and who knows maybe stay for a longer period? :)

Anyways, I am planning to start my day tomorrow a bit late. I was thinking of taking the 11am train to the city (ETA to the city will be 1145am). I just hope that it will be warm enough (sabi kc high of 57 to low of 37bukas) to take a walk from the Union station to the Cultural Center and the Art Museum. O diba, feeling cultured ako bukas? hehehe. I was thinking of making this Saturday my Art and Culture day since I was not able to do it last week (bonding time with cousin and aunt kc ako last week).

Since i have the option of getting the 430 or the 530pm train (home), it would give me around 4 to 5 hours in the city. I hope it gives me enough time to visit the two places i mentioned or i could always stay at millenium park after the cultural center visit. Hay, sana di masyadong malamig bukas.

Since Chicago is known as the Windy City and it looks like the weather will be colder as winter approaches, I will be prepared for the sudden drop of temperature tomorrow. :) The first time I went downtown (at sa gabi pa ito ha), I was not prepared for the cold, chilly air. Nakajacket nga ako, pero yung manipis lang. bwhahha, i was freezing when i got off the train.

Since lumalamig na, I have to be ready - I already bought some winter stuff from manila, pero di ako nakadala nor nakabili ng gloves at thermal pants (mahal yung nakita kong gloves sa mango at di ako nakapunta sa greenhills for the thermal undergarments). Syempre nagkukuripot ako so sa Target ang punta ko and instead of buying women's leather gloves and thermal garments, i bought what i needed in the children's section. So what kung di stylish? Eh mas mura naman at medyo nasa size ko. hehehe.

Nakakatawa nga eh, yung nabili kong thermal medyo malaki sa akin ng konti. XL ang binili ko kc ang nakalagay dapat for peeps na 95-115Ibs, so binili ko, yun pala dapat yung L lang binili ko at di ako tumingin sa weight kungdi sa waistline. hehehe. Pero oks lang, more room to grow naman. With the food i am eating everyday, naku, I am sure tataba ako. Di n nga magkasaya yung isang jeans ko. hay, no wonder tumataba ang mga peeps dito, ang lalaki ng servings, tapos daming soda at fast food. Eh diba wla akong kitchen or microwave sa hotel room ko? so puro akong fast food and junk food. tsk tsk. I'm sure pagagalitan ako ng sister ko.

Kanina, dapat maliit na bag lang ang dadalhin ko kc i won't be spending the night in the city, but upon hearing the news, i had to repack everything to a bigger bag kc i will be bringing a heavier coat just in case. Plus medyo maglalayer na ako ng damit bukas, i will just take off the jacket if mainit. bwahaha... so ang laman ng bag ko ngayon: bonnet, scarf, mittens/gloves, and a thick down jacket. Nakakatawa nga eh, kc nilalamig na ako pero yung mga locals di pa nilalamig. May nakita pa nga akong nakashorts habang nagjogging. heheheh. Sabagay the sun was shining then at medyo parang tagaytay or Baguio lang ang lamig pero what i can't take is the wind. Grabe, sobrang lamig kung mahangin. (teka, parang mali na itong sentence ko, pero you get what i mean di ba? Kahit sinasabi nilang 45 degrees outside tapos mahangin pa, it would feel like 35).

Kung ang Chicago ay Windy City, pwede rin kayang tawaing Windy City ang Manila? Yun nga lang Mainit na hangin lang ang meron tayo -- hindi dahil sa climate kung di dahil sa ating mga politicians! They sure are full of hot air!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

six flags

October 29, 830pm Chicago; Oct 30 930am Manila

I had the chance of going to six flags great america before it shuts down for the fall-winter season. It was fright week (for halloween - they sure do love halloween down here) and the park was decked to the nines in halloween frock. even the clowns were in their slasher costume. bwahahaha. some of the park guest even came in costumes kahit it was freezing last weekend. I was all bundled up tapos yung iba naka jacket lang. bwahahaha. ako naka downjacket, tapos may 2 shirts at isang light sweater underneath, plus naka bonnet at gloves pa ako ha! talk about freezing. hehehe di talaga kaya ng isang gaya ko ang lamig. Di sanay ang pinoy laking zamboanga sa ganitong lamig. Maybe i need 6 months to 1 year to get used to this climate. hehehe - wishful thinking si sharima.

Anyways, even if it was freezing, i still managed to sneak in a few rides (3 of which are tagged as max thrill rides) - superman, king chaos, ragin cajun, vertical velocity and a couple of “mild” rides. hay, by the end of the night (we were there from 6pm to 1030pm), i was just about ready to give up and throw up! It must have been the combination of non-stop ride - nag superman, tapos nag king chaos, ragin cajun at vertical velocity — sunod sunod yun ha! walang paawat. dpat nag rest n lang kami or nag try ng 1 or 2 mild rides in between. tsk tsk. buti na lang di ako sumuka after my last ride (yung velocity thing) nor did i throw up on the ride home. Pero grabe, i felt that i was floating. bwahaha. natadtad yata ako. My size and body is not meant for being thrown around in thrill rides plus yung sa isang ride, nahirapan ako getting up the seat. bwhahha. mahirap talaga pag pandak.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Fire alarm again!

October 29, 7am Chicago; 7pm Manila

For the second time in a week, i have to wake up to the sound of the fire alarm! Talk about waking up to a great sound. :(

It's a good thing that this alarm went off at 7am and not at 12mn when i am sound asleep. At least today, it served as my alarm clock. bwahahaha. I am usally up by 630am but was taking my sweet time to get out of bed. :)When the alarm went off, i took some time to actually get dressed. heheheeh and I think i actually heard the "booming" sound before the (fire) alarm went off.

Anyways, knowing better this time (and i hope this does not get a threepeat), i actually took time get dressed, grab my bag and look in the mirror before heading out the door. bwahahahaha. The difference between today and last Friday was when i went out the door, i actually saw a pool of water a few feet from my room. Gosh, this must be the real thing! Buti na lang nasa third floor ako at ang room ko ay super lapit sa fire exit - now i know why my dad always insist that we get a room near the fire exit. Thanks for the training pa! :)

Anyways, after a few minutes in the lobby (I was even calm enough to get my morning coffee), we were told that we could go back to our rooms as there was no fire, but there was some activity on the third floor (my floor). The sprinkle system went off in a couple of rooms (buti n lang di sa room ko, kung di masisira ang office laptop) and were contained. Hay, what caused it to go off kaya? and WHY did the fire alarm go off twice in four days? Pareho ba ang cause nung friday at today? Abangan ang susunod na kabanata!

Friday, October 26, 2007


Oct 25, 1230am Chicago time, Oct 26, 130pm Manila time

I woke up to the sound of the fire alarm today!And it is not a good sound to wake up to.

At first i thought i might have set the alarm clock on, since i was tinkering with it this afternoon. But then, the blinking lights on my wall told me otherwise. :( I was still sleepy and a bit disoriented... only when opened the lights and put on my glasses (since i cant see a thing without them on)did i truly realize that it was the fire alarm that woke me up. Hay what a way to wake up!

It took me a few seconds for my brain to fully switch on (matagal mag boot - hehehe). Nung una, i had to check sa labas kung ok ba and if tama bang fire alarm to. hay true nga, people were either peeping out of their doors or on their way out of the room.

I only had a few minutes to react, so ang ginawa ko, change into jogging pants (kc nga nakapantulog ako) and a light jacket - kc yun ang pinaka malapit, grab my wallet (for ID and some cash/card) and went out the door. Half way down the hall, i realized that i forgot the most important thing - My passport! bwahahaha

I had to go back to my room, grab my purse and phone then proceeded to the fire exit. Good thing too that my room is near the exit. bwahahah. Buti din at nasa third floor lang ako. hay, naku.

Ang nakakatawa nung pag dating ko sa lobby at nakita kong maraming tao, ang unang pumasok sa isip ko - do i look presentable? bwahahah. Maarte pa rin!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Monday, October 22, 2007

a day in chicago

My Chicago weekend

October 21, 745pm Chicago time, October 22, 845am Manila Time

Taxi to the Metra Station … $12
Metra Train weekend pass … $5
1 Day City Pass … $5
Riding the “EL” … $4
Lunch and Dinner … $25

Meeting my cousin, seeing the sites of Chicago on foot … priceless

Massage for tired feet? there is always Visa or Mastercard. bwhahaha

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

13 hour workday

October 15, 10pm Chicago Time; October 16, 11am Manila Time.

It’s 10 pm and I am still staring at my computer screen answering emails and reviewing reports and metics. I think I am pulling a 13 hour work day today. Hay! Kala ko makakapanood ako ng Heroes pero di pala. Bwhahaaha.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Lazy weekend

October 14, 645 pm Chicago Time; October 15, 745 am Manila Time

It has been a lazy weekend for me. I stayed in my hotel room most of the weekend venturing out in the afternoons to stretch my legs, take some pictures and buy dinner. But mostly, the weekend was allocated to catch up on sleep. I can now say that my body clock is on the right track! hehehe.

The weather this weekend is just perfect for taking a walk. Ang ganda ang weather. Sarap mag walking. It wasnt too hot nor too cold. I just had a light jacket on, no need for gloves and scraf. And to think na lamigin ako ha. hehehe. Plus parang ang pretty ng lahat ng things and surroundings dito. Ang gandang kunan ng pictures. I hope i can get even more pictures next week. Kc parang point and shoot lang ako, ang ganda pa rin lumabas ng mga pictures. hehehe. Mukha nga lang ako loka-loka na kumukuha ng pictures kahit malamig.

Hopefully, i can get to a park this weekend and take some pictures of trees in their fall colors. Perfect pala ang time ng pag punta ko dito. Ang ganda lahat. Parang ang sarap tumira dito kahit for a year lang. Sana makabalik ako dito and stay for a longer time. I would love to experience all the seasons kahit alam ko that i will freeze during winter. bwahahaha

So far I have a plan for the coming week. Mondays to Fridays will be spent for work, meetings and report. Hopefully, by Friday, I can brave the metro and go to downtown Chicago to have dinner with a cousin (yes, may cousin pala ako dito. bwahahah. di ko pa nga namimeet yun, nag email lang ang isang aunt ko to tell me that i have a cousin based in Chicago). I might go back downtown on Saturday and Sunday and explore what Chicago has to offer. I would want to go to millenium park and take a picture with the “bean”. Plus gusto ko pa pumunta sa sears tower at kung saan saan pa. Basta, no shopping muna this month dapat magpa tourist muna ako at mag picture picture. bwahahaha

Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Illinois Crib

Presenting, my home for the next 82 days (este 76 na lang pala): The Marriot Chicago Southwest, Burr Ridge Parkway, Burr Ridge, Illiniois

A king sized bed with 6 comfy pillows all to myself:

My reading corner:

The view from my window:
The Market within walking distance:
Pumpkins for sale:
Pathway to the hotel

My first real weekend

October 13, 1230pm Chicago time, October 14, 130am Manila Time

My first real weekend in Chicago land was spent in the hotel room catching up on sleep and emails. Hay, naku, looks like another boring weekend ahead of me. So, what else is new? Kahit sa Manila, pag weekend nasa bahay lang ako. Once in a while lang talaga lumalabas with friends. Boring talaga buhay ko.

I do hope mag kakulay na soon, or it will be another cold and lonely december for me. bwhahaha. Hmm.. ano ba ang gagawin ko today? Galing na ako sa target. Nakabili na ako ng gloves, and as usual, nag tipid na naman ako. bwhahaha instead of buying the cute, stylish leather gloves worth 16usd, i settled for kid’s gloves na 2 for 2 usd. hehehehe. yun nga lang sa sobrang gloves lang ang nasa isip ko, i forgot to buy thermal pants. tsk tsk. sabagay, pwede pa naman siguro na gumamit ako ng jogging pants under my workpants. Kasya pa naman eh, at di nman pangit tignan. buti na lang at medyo maluwag ang pants ko.

Sarap mag browse sa target, daming mabibili, from shoes to bags and accessories, from shirts to pants and groceries. hehehe. Kung di lang ako nahiya sa driver ng shuttle, eh mag stay pa ako ng medyo matagal to get some more stuff. Maybe next time. siguro for now, i will just buy the things I need rather than the things i want. I can always go back and buy the bags and shoes. Basta, sa November na nga ako mag shopping.

Hay, ang hirap pala talaga to travel alone. Wala kang makausap, wala kang kasama mag lakwatsa, at wala kang kasama kumain. I might have to get used to being alone kc pag uwi ko sa Pinas, ako na lang mag isa sa bahay. I do love where i am right now, and thankful for all the blessings this year, pero sometimes, i do want someone to share this experience with. I mean, di ba at the end of the day, you would want someone to go home to, someone to share your experience with and someone to talk to di ba? Sana makilala ko na sya soon. At kung kilala o nakilala ko na sya before, sna ay magpakita na ang mokong sa akin. bwahaha. To borrow a quote from a movie “kay tagal kitang hinintay”. bwahahhaa. Shocks, ano ba to, nahihibang na yata ako.

Friday, October 12, 2007

I miss the jeepneys

October 12, 9am Chicago time; 10pmManila time

I never thought that I would say this but… I MISS THE JEEPNEYS! bwhahahaha.

I am staying in Marriot, Burr Ridge, Illinois. Burr Ridge is a suburb located outside Chicago. It is a pretty community with lush greens, trees that are changing color and rolling hills. The best i can describe the area is parang an exclusive village in Tagaytay or Alabang where you have to drive to certain destinations but one can take a walk to a small park or a village grocery store.

The place is begining to grow on me. At home and when staying in the hotel, i usually keep the curtains closed, letting in as little light as possible for me to get maximum sleep. But now, my keep it drawn. I like looking out my window, it overlooks a lake and it looks so pretty with the light reflecting on it and the lake framed by trees in their fall colors. grabe, i wish i have someone to share the view with. hehehe

Anyways, parang na off topic na naman ako. hehehe. I do tend to ramble on … Well, going back to missing the jeepneys. I really never thought I will miss the noise and the availabilities of the jeepneys. Sabi nga nila, you will never know how much a thing or a person played in your life until it is not there. (or something in that effect).

Grabe dito ha, you really need to know how to drive in order for you to go places. If you are living in a big city like New York or Chicago where there are public transport systems in place, ok lang if di ka marunong mag drive. You just need to know the schedule of the subway or the MRT or the bus. Pero kung naka tira ka sa suburbs, grabe, driving is a necessity. Di parang sa atin noh, kung walang jeep, for sure may mga tricycle. bwahahaha.

Sabagay, parang madaling mag own ng cars dito sa ‘Merka. Sa atin kc prohibitive ang price ang sasakyan. Kaya siguro mas madaling mag commute sa atin. Ang hiling ko lang, na sana mag karoon ng system talaga ang ating public transportation gaya nung system sa Singapore or sa Hongkong. Yung bang may schedule for the bus at may discipline ang mga drivers at passengers.

Anyways, balik sa kwento ko. Like I need to buy some gloves, eh ang pinaka malapit na store dito sa hotel that sells gloves and other stuff are Target and Kmart. It is like 1.5 to 2.5 miles away from the hotel. Naturally, di ko malalakad yun plus it is across the highway. So i need to take a car right? Buti na lang may free shuttle service ang hotel kung within 5 miles of the area lang, so hopefully, i can go to Target tomorrow and also to Mcdonalds to buy lunch.

Speaking of Mcdonalds, alam mo ba, that the closest fast food chain to the hotel is subway? Walking distance lang. Buti nga may subway at pizza place at small grocery store. At least I am assured that i have food on weekends. hehehe. Kahit nga sa office, walang malapit na store. People have to drive to Mcdonalds, Wendy’s, Taco bell, Buona, etc to get lunch. Buti na lang mabait yung boss ko at yung isang puti. they always ask me if i want to join them for lunch.


Hmmm lunch… I am still in awe about the choices here. Grabe daming choices that i sometimes have a hard time making choices.

One thing i noticed about the food served here is the serving size. Ang laki ha! No wonder people here are big. Like yesterday, I ordered a roastbeef sandwich and fries in Buona, and my order was good for 2 peeps ha! I only ate half of the sandwich for lunch and had the other half for dinner. Ganun ka laki ang serving. hehehe.

So far I have no complaints on food choices, my only other complaint is the price. grabe ang mahal lahat dito ha. hehehe. Kaya pikit mata na lang ako pag nag order at magbayad for food. I usually spend 10usd or less for the food. eh kung icompute natin yan to php, parang maximun order ko could cost around 440 or 500 php depending on the exchange rate. Eh diba parang ilang araw mo nang lunch money yun? hehehe Kung mag cocompute ako, wala akong mabibili at gugutumin ako for sure. Eh isa sa aking goal dito ay food trip. hehehe. So far, so good naman. Basta basta dapat makapunta ako sa city soon para ma experience ko rin ang food dun at kung ano ano pa.

Up next: My whole foods experience.


October 11, 4pm Chicago time, October 12, 5am Manila time.

Ramadam Kareem to all!


It has been a long and tiring day. My day started at 5am and 12 hours after, i am still at work doing some reports due on Monday. I need to get all of these out of my way before end of day Friday so i can enjoy my weekend. I do plan to just scout the area near my hotel (note to self: buy gloves and thermal underpants) before even attempting to ride the metra and go downtown.

I just hope that i can stay up a little bit late tonight. Last night was just crazy. I was watching criminal minds, but i cant keep my eyes open. I was literally falling asleep while having dinner and watching tv. bwahaha. ganun yata ako kapagod yesterday. Sabagay, i was up around 330am yesterday kaya siguro antok na ako. Pero I think my body is slowly getting used to the time zone. medyo di na ako inaantok in the middle of the day. I am sure that I will be ok by tomorrow or saturday.

I hope that who ever called last night calls again to night. I was already sleeping when he called (and it was around 1030) that i was in no condition to talk. bwahaha. i kept falling asleep while talking. bwahaha. teka, ano nga ang pinag usapan natin kagabi?

Sana nga tumawag din ang cousin ko tomorrow para mag set up ng date for the weekend. This is my first time to meet her and her family. Pero I am sure I met her when we were kids, yun nga lang we both dont remember meeting each other. hehehe. Medyo marami kc akong cousins na nagkalat kung saan saan, so I am not really sure kung na meet ko na sya before. All I know is that her grandma and my grandma are sisters, plus I met her parents na rin. Hay, sana nga mag kita kami para may “guide” ako sa Chicago. I mean, who better to give you a tour of the city than someone who is living in it right? They know some places that are nice and not too touristy right? (hmmm is touristy even a word? bwahhahah).

Anyways i have 10 weekends to enjoy Chicago land. I just hope that i dont chicken out on this adventure.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


October 10, 7pm Chicago time, October 11, 8am Manila time

Grabe ang lamig bigla! Yesterday was such a perfect weather, na akala ko magiging pareho today. hay, was i wrong. tsk tsk

I never thought that i would be so cold. At take note ha, di pa daw ito malamig! grabe, ano ba to. huhuhu. normal lang daw ang lamig na ito for the locals pero for someone like me who is so used to the hot humid weather, ANG LAMIG! Hinanap ko tuloy ang init ng Pinas. bwhhahaha.

Dapat talaga, bumili n ako ng gloves at thermal underpants. Ok na ako sa pang taas at sa protection sa ulo, pero kailangan pa bumili ng thermal thing and gloves. Sana may makita akong maganda or cute na gloves na mura. Actually, i saw a pair in Mango in SM, the block. Kaso ang mahal for 1,500. So di ko binili. I might try going to Kmart or target this weekend to get some necessities. hehehe. Umiral na naman ang pagkakuripot ko. Sana may makita akong mura dito. Kc nga tipid muna ang lola for the first 2 weeks para may pang gala sa downtown. hehehehe

Teka, it’s Wednesday night here… nood muna ako ng aking fave show.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


October 9, 6:40pm Chicago Time; October 10, 7:40 Manila Time

Had a long day of meetings and expectation setting today. Boy, was i overwhelmed with the task at hand. Grabe, parang kulang ang 80 days ko dito to cover and really digest everything that is expected of me. Hay, i just hope that i will meet or exceed the expectations of my counterpart. Sana din makabalik pa ako dito soon for further trainings.

Parang na drain ako today but my mind is still active. Gusto ko matapos muna lahat ng mga gagawin ko for today before i call it a night. I still need to email my boss in Manila, submit my time report and syempre while catching-on on what’s new in P.I. hehehe. (that would mean reading on line papers and blogs, reading and answering emails). I also would want to get in touch with some friends who are in the US. Sana makausap ko at mabisita sila.

Ay oo nga pala, medyo nalilito pa rin ako sa currency dito. Ok lang ang mga paper currency, madali lang yun noh. Nalilito ako sa coins nila. bwhahahaha. For the first 3 days here, i always pay in paper or traveller’s check. ok lang, kaso dumadami na ang coins ko sa wallet kaya i need to use it di ba? So kanina at taco bell, i tried paying in bills and coins para sa lunch ko. hehehe. nakakatawa kc the cashier has to help me figure it out.

Actually ok n sana, kaso lang sa bansa ng milk and honey, yung nakalagay na amount sa menu nila ay di pa inclusive of tax, unlike sa manila, kung ano ang nakalagay dun, yun na ang babayaran mo. Dito amount plus tax pa, kaya kanina nung binigay ko sa cashier yung amount na nakalagay sa menu board ($3.79) sabi nya kulang daw, dapat daw $4 something. So what i did was just dump coins on my plam and asked him to just take some para mabuo ang payment. bwhahha.. My counter part even remarked “so you are still getting used to the currency”. bwhahaha ka loka.

Pag dito sa Merka, di ka dapat mag compute ng mga bibilhin mo. Kc kung nag compute ako, I’m sure di ako makakabili ng food kanina. Imagine mo naman, i spent more than $4 for food. Parang 200 or more na yun for lunch ha. Wala pa dun ang dinner ko at kung ano ano pa. bwhahaha. Tapos kahapon naman $8 for some pizza, water and a puff pastry. tsk tsk.

Sana nga lang at tataba ako ng konti dito. Ang payat ko n daw kc eh, parang bangkay. hehehehe… oks lang tumaba, wag lang sobra kc naman kasal ng brother ko sa January and I want to look fit not baboy noh.

The weather today has been great. A perfect weather - not too cold to need a jacket and not too hot. Parang weather sa baguio or sa tagaytay. Perfect for talking a long walk around the park (ang daming trees dito, grabe, ang ganda!) with that perfect someone. Yun nga lang, wala akong someone. bwhahahaa…may chance kaya ako to meet him here? hay, wishful thinking lang talaga.

Anyways, i hope the weater continues till the weekend. Sana i can go downtown and do some sight seeings. I would love to see some parks, the changing of the leaves, the sears tower, visit some museums and see a play. Shopping? well kung may pera pa at kung may mailalagay pa ako sa bag ko without going over. Why do i always pack too much stuff?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mind and body

October 8, 8pm Chicago; October 9, 9am Manila

The mind is willing but the body is weak. I really do want to blog about my day today, my first day at the office, my impression of the organic market/grocery store, my impression of the burr ridge area and all that stuff. But even if I want to, my body is screaming that i go to bed and rest. I still have a lot of sleep to catch up on. Hopefully, my body clock will be in tuned to chicago time by tomorrow.

Maybe i will have more time tomorrow… maybe

Monday, October 08, 2007

A new adventure

October 7, 9:45 pm Chicago; October 8, 10:45am Manila

This is not my first time to travel alone, but this is my first time to travel to a new place where i dont know anyone. This is my first real adventure and my first time to be truly independent. For someone who has no sense of direction, this will not be easy. (Atchie, i’m sure you are agreeing to this. hehehe)

First things first, after shaking off jet lag, I will have to explore the area around the hotel. I saw a farmer’s market and a subway store nearby. I think it is within walking distance. Good thing that the walk from the MRT station to the FX station / office has given me training. hehehe

Second, I will have to ask the hotel front desk for help and directions on how to go to a bus stop, an MRT / Train station and how to go downtown. Since this hotel is located in the suburbs, i need to find a way how to go to some public transport system. Buses and trains in this place run on schedules, unlike in the Philippines where a tricycle or a jeepney is just around the corner. Although I do have a lot to complain about how public transport is run in P.I., I do miss and appreciate how they are very accessible to the public. No waiting, and sometimes, they even drop you off right in front of your gate. hehehe.

Third: I need to come up with an itineray on things to do on weekends. Although i have a high level idea on what to do and what to visit, i need to get details on what museums to visit, how much would it cost to take a tour of the city and the likes. I would also want to see a play or two and try out the local cuisine (the hotdog and pizza). hehehe. This is first on my list with shopping being the last priority. I might do some shopping in November or December. I am hoping that they will have some off-season sale racks. Hey, i don’t need the fall/winter clothes, what i need are the spring / summer line that would be really useful in Manila.


I spent the whole day in bed. I only got up to do some reports and sent out emails for a couple of hours but went back to bed around 12nn. Woke up around 5:45 pm, just in time for bukah and magrib prayer.

After a much needed bath (to wake my body up some more), I went for a walk and got some much needed necessities. a bottle of coke, a box of juice, a bottle of water, bread and a pack of chips ahoy. I also had a subway sandwich for dinner. I think i need to go back and get another bottle of water tomorrow. hehehe. Mauubos ko itong 1liter bottle tonight. Yung chocolates, since marami pa akong chocolates, next week n lang ako bibili.

Since i went out pass 6pm, I was not able to get some picture of the pumpkins and the area. I guess i will have next weekend to do it. The only down side of traveling alone is that you dont have someone to take your picture.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sleepless in Illinois

Oct 7, 2007; 12:45am Chicago time, 1:45pm Manila time.

Although the mind (and my tired body) knows that i really need to get some much needed rest and sleep, my body clock is contradicting them. I arrived at 2pm in Chicago after a very, very long and tiring trip from Manila. It is true that i gained a day but why does it seem that the hours gained are not enough?

I still need to familiarize myself with the area, find the nearest public transport system going to Chicago from Burr Ridge, find a grocery store, and a fast food chain within walking distance of my hotel (which seems to be located right in the middle of nowhere.) I also need to send out emails and reports by 5pm manila time. Which would very well could mean that my Sunday will be spent in the hotel room. tsk tsk… given these tasks and deadlines, coupled with a lack of sleep, i just hope that my body won’t give up on me.

Anyways, the place i am staying is ok. Although it lacks some amenities i am familiar with in Manila hotels (ref and microwave), it has free internet access and big fluffly pillows!
I just love the bed and pillows. I am booked in a room with a king sized bed and i have 6 super soft and fluffy pillows. Heaven… (although i only have a couple of hours sleep so far. hehehe). I intend to get the most out of this bed. Too bad, i dont have anyone to share the bed with. bwhahaha

So while i wait for sleep to come, i might as well check my emails, blog, and make the reports. I might just finish all the work in 2 hours and get the rest i need after.

hoping to make a comeback

It has been ages since i last blogged. I hope that i can make a comeback real soon

Saturday, April 07, 2007


5 days vacation = 5 days staying at home ALONE = nothing to do = BORED

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