Saturday, December 30, 2006

family night = game night

So far, every night spent in zamboanga this vacation is alloted for family night... which means, every night is game night. :)

Board games such as life, monopoly, uno are top picks. If we are too lazy to set up or play, nights are reserved for story telling. hehehehe

How I wish life is as simple as this all the time.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Thanks 2006

The count down officially starts today, December 23! In a few days, we will be saying good bye and thank you to 2006 and welcome to 2007.

2006 can be considered my breakthrough year. It is the year when i said good bye to old friends, and to the "relaxed" office atmosphere. It is the year when i tackled new challenges, made new friends, found some kindred spirits and pushed myself more.

2006 is the year when i said "it's time to get out of my comfort zone!" A time when i took on more challenges, applied myself more and started to give myself a pat on the back. It is the year when i rewarded myself with shoes, and that trip abroad with friends.

What do i have to look forward for in 2007?
  • A planned visit to Canada and the US. (i really do have to take care of the visa requirements soon).
  • The turnover of our (aka the 3 marias) unit in pioneer.
  • My sister's wedding
  • A family vacation to Hong Kong
  • A great family reunion
  • A better life, career and love
  • Knowing myself and my religion better
  • Challenging myself more
  • A diamond ring (?) -- kung walang mag bibigay, eh di bibili ako ng sarili kong ring! bwhahahaha.
  • More shoes!

tired but happy

Never again! Never again will i attempt to travel just a couple of days before Christmas. Never again will i arrive in the airport with just over an hour to spare before boarding. Never again will i take the early morning flight going home. Never again!!!!

Famous last words?? Well, yes!

Today has been toxic for me. Imagine starting the day with stress level so high you could snap at anytime.

My flight home is scheduled December 23, 530am. Which means that i need to be checked in 45 minutes before the flight (445am). Well, being me, i arrived at centennial airport at 410am with lines so long, that it would take at least 30 minutes to go through the first luggage check. Stupid me, forgetting my first rule of thumb... never fly 2 days before Christmas!

At around 430am, i was still no where near the entrance and started to panic... so i have to work my (ehem) "charms" and ask the guard if there was an express lane for passengers whose flights were leaving in less than an hour.

He pointed me to the guard near the entrance and told me to tell him that my flight was leaving at 5! Cut the line, he said... hmmm... pwede rin! bwhahaha. Good thing that the airport personnel were calling out for passengers whose flight are leaving in less than an hour or i would really would follow the advice of cutting in line. :)

Good thing that i had no check-in baggage (all i have is one knapsack) that i breezed through airport security (just 1 item to check and xray) and check in. As luck would have it, i was able to get the seat that i wanted - a window seat a seat away from the rear exit. :) and the first to board the plane. Looks like lady luck was smiling at me today!

Or was she? :)

Although we were able to board on time, the flight was a few minutes delayed due to the volume of luggage. I mean, hello, we have to wait for at least 10 or 15 minutes para lang matapos ang pag load ng bagahe! tsk tsk. Buti na lang at hand carried item lang ang dala ko... no more need to wait for the bags! bwhahahaha.


Since first day in the province today, dapat make the most out of the vacation.

Upon arrival (ETA 730am), i proceed home to drop off my bag, change into beach wear and then head for the beach immediately! Oks lang even if i only had 3 or 4 hours of sleep, i could make up for it tonight. I can hear my name being called by the waters of the south. :)

happy holidays

I admit, i have been a bad, bad girl this year... i have been negligent on my duties to post my thoughts, to update my blog and to continually check on what is happening in this side of the world. But even then, i hope santa would bring me a gift. :)

Happy holidays!

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