Wednesday, May 01, 2013

April Glamour box - first impressions

I was looking forward the end of the month. Not only was it payday, I was also expecting my April glamour box. This time, it did not disappoint.

My first impression upon seeing and holding the box - it was definitely heavier than the previous two boxes. Does this mean that there are full sized products inside? Crossing my fingers, i opened the box and was pleasantly surprised.

It contained 2 full sized products (hollywood style lotion and pixie lip balm), a good sized sample product from Mir & Ryvi (banana soap and soap flakes), a good sized sample lip butter from Mox botanicals and 2 sample sized perfume from regatta.

What i liked about this month's box, is that I think i can really use all the products. :) So far, i have tried the Pixi lip tint/balm and liked it. It does give a natural color to my lip. Ang cute pa ng design and look. :) Wag lang sana pagkamalan ng anak ko na color it. haha. Kidding aside, i could see myself using it daily.

The banana soap, pwede kong gamin when i go out of town next week. Pwede ko rin gamitin sa "weekend home" ko. Sabi dito sa leaflet, "the soap lightens acne scars and age spots to promote natural skin elasticity and renewal." At my age, i really need skin renewal. haha.

I will be bringing the soap flakes and the lotion when i go out of town next week. Buti na lang may dumating na samples. I do not need to buy lotion and soap. :) tipid. Plus that's my chance to sample the product.

Over all, this month's box is way better than March or February (sa opinion ko lang). I would like to think that Glamourbox listened to their customers and made the box better. (Their November and December boxes were great). I just hope that the May box will even be better. Wish ko rin lang, makaorder pa ako. :)

So anyways here are the breakdown for this month's box:

1) Pixi Tinted Brillance Balm Magic Tink Tint - Happy thought's Pink. Full sized @ P735.00. Glamour box gave us a full sized product to try out. I tried this today and so far, i liked it. The color is just right for me. Cute pa ng packaging.

2) Mox Botanicals Lip Butter in Coconut Almondie. Full size (2.0 oz) @P740.00. The sample size was at 1.0 oz, so cost would be around 370. Haven't tried this yet, pero it looks promising.

3) Mir and Ryvi Banana Soap. My box had the banana soap sample. Full size (140g) @ P250.00. My sample size is around half of that so roughly around P125.00.Other boxes might have the tomato or Papaya soap. I guess they customized the box in such a way that someone who is over 35 and / or with acne problem might be getting the banana soap. I am not complaining ha. Ok na rin sa akin yung product.

4) Mir and Ryvi Soap flakes. Full sized (250g) @ P450.00 Sample size is 150g, so around P225.00. I will try out this product next week.

5) Hollywood Style Light Summer Lotion. Full size (275ml) @195.00. The box contained full sized product. I will most likely use this product next week, along with the avon sample they sent out in last month's box.

6) Regatta cologne for Men and Women (2 samples). Full size (50ml) @P395.

Overall, total cost of the products would be around P1700.00. Box subscription is around 595. So ROI would be around 2.44, Not bad na rin. I might subscribe to the May box if i get the chance na maka on line pag nag open sila ng subscription.

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