Tuesday, April 23, 2013

working mom

i know that being a working mom is no big deal. After 10 months of being just a heartbeat away from N and A, i am now assigned to my QC office. It's only been a day, and i wish that i could stay in bench for a little more time.

I wanted to be chargeable and I know there are trade offs. Sayang at late na ing dream project ko, na assign na ako sa QC. Inshallah, i will get that opportunity in three months. I keep praying that He gives me one that would be best for me and my kids. Maybe there is a reason why i need to be far from my kids. If only i have the means to be a stay at home mom, i will. I miss my kids terribly.

Eto pala ang sinasabi nilang, nag iiba na focus once you have kids. When i was single, ok lang sa akin kahit san i-assign. Now, gusto ko maaga pumasok para maaga makauwi.

Today was my first day at my new assignment and all i could think about were my kids. I miss my lunch sessions with N and the 12 and 4pm nursing sessions with A. I miss giving N his bath, and having nap time with A. I miss giving them never ending kisses.

Being a working mom is hard. You leave your kids with someone and hope that that person will love and take care of the kids as much as you would. You leave things to fate and pray that everything will be ok.

N and A, this is all for you. I love you so much.

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