Monday, April 15, 2013

April BDJ box - first impressions

I was really looking forward to receiving the BDJ box for April. After 2 themed boxes for February and March, there was really a high expectation for this month's box.

Although April's box was not a themed box, it was still full of products (5 out of 9 products are full sized) that one can use to look "fresh" this summer. It contains mostly skincare products although i wish that they included a lip gloss or liptint (might be asking for much here).

I would definetly be using / trying out most of the products (face mist, lotion, moisturizer) but will be giving the nail polish and nail polish remover to my sister-in-law. The goody hair pins / products will be a gift to my sister.

Full review soon, as i am having a hard time posting via the mac app (cannot post via blogger in my mac - boooo).

Overall, the BDJ box is worth the investment (if you want to call it as such). It introduces you to products and brands that you really don't think you would like. It also is like getting a present every month. A little treat for all the hard work and stress. :)

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