Monday, April 15, 2013

Trying to be positive

Life happened when i was busy making plans. I had my career planned out na. Everything was according to plan… until i found myself out of a project.

I guess, things happen for a reason. Di ko pa nga alam kung ano ang reason so far. Being out of a project for so long (was only chargeable for a couple of months), medyo nakakasakit ng ego. Hello, ganun ba ako kahirap hanapan ng project? Merit based ang increase and promotion, so what will i show for this performance year? hayz…

The only silver lining that i have is that i get to spend more time with the kids plus I am nursing A for 8 months na! yahoo for me.

As my new outlet for stress (worrying about NOT having a project), i am now rediscovering make up. The last time i have put on make up was in 2010 pa ata, when i was pregnant with N. After 2 pregancies, i believe it is now time to have a little reward.

I am now in the process of restocking my make ups/ beauty loot and would really want a crash course on the how-tos of make up application. Buti na lang i have subscribed to 2 beauty sample boxes (bdj and glamour) as it has helped a lot in finding and trying out products (skin care and make up).

Next step would be to update my wardrobe. After 2 consecutive pregnancies, nothing fits anymore. I don't want to continue wearing maternity clothes, so i really want to shop for new tops (preferably cute nursing ones).

I guess, what i am really trying to do, is look the part of a Manager. Who knows, maybe i will be one sooner than i expected.

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