Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rediscovering make up and myself

Confession: the last time i used make-up was in 2010 during my wedding. :) Or siguro a month after my wedding, basta ang alam ko, 2010 ang last time gumamit ako ng make up.

Fast forward to 2013. My hubby and I were invited to a wedding of a former colleague. Syempre dapat medyo formal at pretty, so dapat mag make up. Dun ko lang na realize na wala pala akong matinong make up. Haha. The only thing i have were face power and lip gloss. So no choice ako but to buy some mascara and blush.

After that incident, sabi ko sa hubby ko, i will slowly build up my make up collection. Kaya ayun, i started to subscribe to BDJ and glamour box. I also started to buy make up.

Na realize ko na being a mom should not stop me from being kikay. Hello, i medyo stressed na nga ako dahil sa work, so dapat may stress outlet ako. Di na nga ako nakakapag shoe shopping, so dito na lang sa make up muna.

Now 2 kids later, i am rediscovering how fun it was to put on make up.

Fun because, it gives me at least 5-10 minutes of me time. Being a mom to a toddler and an 8 month old baby can be tiring. But who said that being a mom stops you from becoming yourself.

Na realize ko na being a mom should not equate to being "losyang". Hello, ang tanda ko na nga, so dapat i take care of myself more di ba? Dapat pretty pa rin for the hubby.

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