Thursday, March 14, 2013

destiny vs sky

My family and I are destiny cable subscribers for the past 8 months and so far we are quite happy with the program offering. At first I really wanted to subscribe to Sky cable (i want ANC, Cinema one and Lifestyle channel) but destiny was the only cable (provider) being offered by my building admin, so we have no choice but to subscribe to destiny. For 500/month with free installation, it was a good deal.

About a few months ago, the cable company was merged with Sky cable and i was happy thinking that it would mean destiny carrying the three shows that i want from Sky. But it was not meant to be. Only DZMM and AXN were added to the channel line up of destiny.

I checked with the admin today and it seems that as part of the merge, they are now offering /carrying Sky cable and Destiny. So the homeowners now have a choice. I asked for the program line up and package for Sky to compare it with my current cable provider. Here is my verdict:

For now, the better deal is Destiny. At 500/month, I get my son's fave channel (disney jr), TLC, discovery, bio, history, BE TV and a whole other programs. I cannot get disney jr., bio and history on sky's 400/month plan (I do get to have cinema one though). Disney jr. is part of their higher plan which i belive is 1k/month. And so, for now, i will stay with Destiny (with Disney Jr. being top priority).

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